My Food Adventure @ Venice Piazza, McKinley

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My Food Adventure @ Venice Piazza, McKinley

I was craving for something new to eat, so when I got the invite at the Venice Piazza Food Adventure at McKinley Taguig, I didn’t think twice and immediately said yes.  Why not, I love to eat and matakaw in nature, ergo the separate food blog I have.

What is the Food Adventure?
Its a dinners delight that will allow them to sample the best dishes in the menu of 12 participating restaurants that can be found at the Venice Piazza. The gastronomic adventure is open every Saturday of the month of July from 6PM to 10PM.

The Food Adventure has three parts, the Food Adventure Tour (where you get to taste dishes from the participating restaurants), Food Adventure Extreme (try out exotic food like frogs and the likes) and Food Adventure Cookout (buy or bring food from the market and have it cooked just the way you like it by the participating restaurants Chefs!) .

How to avail of the Food Adventure?
All you need is to purchase the Php550.00 Food Adventure Passport which contains all the restaurant and the dishes that you can try for FREE! You can dine at all 12 restaurants in one Saturday or you can sample only a couple of restaurants and come back the next Saturday until you consumed all FREE dishes indicated in your passport!


My Food Adventure Experience!

I immediately registered to get my Food Adventure Passport at the concierge and was assisted by Piazza staff and seated at the dining area.

My agenda for the day was to go bold and try out the Food Adventure Extreme where I get to sample some exotic dishes from a couple of participating restaurants that are not yet at Piazza but have food stalls for the tour.

Balaw Balaw was the first stall I went to and yes I want to try frogs so I did. I was expecting fried frogs but what they had that day was Frog Legs Soup! OMAYGASH!


Frog Legs Soup @ Balaw Balaw

Mmmm yum! Ribbet!

yum frog legs!
It looks disgusting but well it didn’t taste bad as it looks. In fact, it taste like Chicken! Yes its true! It taste like chicken. This Frog Leg Soup actually taste like Tinolang Manok!

Then there’s this Wood Worm Adobo!

Adobong Wood Worm @ Balaw Balaw
Uhmmm sorry I didn’t like it, I only pinched a part and well its crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

The there’s this Deep Fried Herbal Leaves that was good, and taste like Fried Kangkong.

After trying out exotic dishes, I went on with the sample dishes in my Food Adventure Passport.

I had Crab and Mango Salad from Blackwood Bistro
Crab & Mango Salad @ Blackwood

Baked Oysters from Pinchos Restaurant and Bar
Baked Oysters @ Pinchos
Butter Ginger Crab Claws from Red Crab

Quesadillas and Buffalo Wings from Sweat Pea A Chef’s Kitchen
Quesadillas and Buffalo Wings @ Sweet Pea

Baked Macaroni with Orange Summer Salad from Empire Deli & Restaurant
Baked Macaroni at Empire

and Sol Gelato’s Vanilla, Strawberry and Tiramisu Ice Cream for desserts

That was five restaurants in all and I have 6 more restaurants left to sample next Saturday! Hoorah! I wasn’t able to try everything because I was eating since 3PM that day at Bon Chon Chicken in Greenbelt 5 (that’s another story!)

I can barely walk after eating so much I felt like I need to be moved and carried by some atv winches. I will be going back this Saturday and I do hope I’ll see you there. What’s left in my Food Adventure Passport are

  1. Beef Ribs Adobado from Kuse,
  2. Salmon Carpaccio from Old Vine,
  3. Minced Chicken with Lettuce Cups or Vietnamese Spring Roll from Little Asia,
  4. Fried Spring Rolls from Pho Hoa,
  5. Karaage and Kakuni Buns from Ramen Bar
  6. Original Mango or Vanilla Chocolate from YoSwirls

That’s a lot more right!  The Php550.00 for the Food Passport is definitely worth it!  What’s great is you don’t have to eat everything in one sitting you can come back the next Saturday to finish it off!

Food Adventure Passport
Food Adventure Passport

Its OK to eat a lot once in awhile!
crabs, oysters and red wine
Bon Appetite!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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