Avon Advance Technique Hair Care Line Review

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Avon Advance Technique Hair Care Line Review

Its exactly a month now since I’ve been using the Avon Advance Technique Line particularly the Straight and Sleek Shampoo, Conditioner and Smoothing Cream, the Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Treatment, and the Damage Repair Reconstructive Treatment Mask and so far I am loving it.
I know it sounded a lot of product for one person to use on her hair but believe me to achieve a salon beautiful hair you need them all haha! Read on to see how I use them and what did I achieve after using it.


Product Info

  • Straight & Sleek Shampoo 200ml Php175.00
  • Straight & Sleek Conditioner 200ml Php195.00
  • Straight & Sleek Smoothing Crème 150g Php250.00
  • Lotus Shield Treatment 60ml Php350.00
  • Damage Repair Reconstructive Treatment Mask 150g Php250.00

The products are good to use for all hair types and uses the hydro-seal technology that seals in the moisture and helps prevent frizzy hair promising a hair that is softer, sleek and shiny (compared to untreated hair)

I use the Shampoo and Conditioner each time I take a bath. I love it because it doesn’t weigh down my hair and rinses off easily.

I use the Treatment Mask once a week. This is perfect for those with damaged hair especially those who had their hair colored or treated (rebond, straighten, permanent curls etc.)

I use the smoothening cream when I want to have less wavy hair and before I blowdry or iron my hair so as to prevent less damage the heat from the hair tools I use will cause. I use the frizz control when I just want my hair be as natural as can be and reveal my wavy hair minus the poufyness and the frizz.

On my hair

This is how my hair looks like using the smoothening cream and the frizz control blow dried and styled by Lourd Ramos during the product launch

This is how my hair looks like with just using the frizz control on my ends. I use very little amount as if you use too much the hair will look flat and heavy.

What I think about it?

  • One of my most favorite part in this range (actually the entire Advance Technique hair care line) is the scent. It smells so pleasantly good and fresh. Whats good is the scent is the same for the entire line so you don’t have to worry about contrasting fragrances.
  • Although it said straight and sleek please don’t hope for a rebonded hair effect as it can only do so much for what your hair is genetically made.
  • For me the effect is it smoothened my hair, I don’t need to brush my hair much finger combing does the job, my hair doesn’t pouf much (buhaghag) and my hair got the volume it needed.

Do I recommend this product?
No doubt. I’m almost out of the conditioner! All these product I reviewed are now available in August Avon product brochures. There are other product from the line , mostly the styling products, I’m so excited to try out the serum, that will be out on October 2011.

How about you have you tried any of the Avon Advance Technique Hair Care Line?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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