Nail Polish that’s Safe for Breaskfeeding Moms, Pregnant Women and Kids!

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Nail Polish that’s Safe for Breaskfeeding Moms, Pregnant Women and Kids!

Last Christmas 2017 I got tons of gifts that I only get to unravel on Christmas day. Some of them. i had no chance yet to exore until just now because you know Holiday rush.

One of them gifts I got was from Nippon Esthetic, it was a box of the TenTen Nail Colors Holiday 2017 Colors.

What made me want to share this product on my blog is that because it is a nail polosh that is safe for breastfeeding moms, pregnant women and kids! These three category of women and girls who loves to get their nails looking really great now need not to worry if they are using a non-toxic nail polish. We all know not all are safe mind you.

Few things to note about TenTen Nail Colors is that it is anti-yellow nails, chip resistant, quick dry, and long lasting.

TenTen Nail Colors are made from European raw material sold at at Php100.00 per bottle.
TenTen Nail Colors

Shades from left to right: XF23 Nude Mauve, S7 Cornflower Blue, XF17 Deep Plum, XF18 Purple Gray and XF20 Petal Pink.

I say this one is a buy! Get one or more shade!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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