Avon’s Advance Techniques Product Line Launch

Poufy, messy, frizzy, unruly hair.  In Tagalog, buhaghag at parang di nasusuklay at may sariling isip na buhok.  That’s my common hair problem and probably the rest of the Philippine population.

Why?  Because we have a hot and humid weather, and it doesn’t matter what kind of treatment you have to keep a perfect hair here in our country because we can never change the fact that we live in a Tropical country.

We can try to have our hair rebonded or straighten, or have it ironed or blow dried every time you have an affair but that will do our hair more damage to our hair than we think.

When I got the invite to attend a Tres Treat by Avon mentioning the name of Lourd Ramos to do the hair styling or hair cutting whichever I wanted, I did not hesitate but said yes.  I was also curious about the new hair care line Avon is about to launch.

So came the event date yesterday,  the glamorous Mariott Hotel Manila ballroom was turned in to a huge salon the Avon Advanced Technique Lotus Shield Salon.

Guest were treated to a hair makeover, makeup and a photo shoot as a remembrance of our celebrity-like hair.  Hair by Lourd Ramos using the Advance Techniques Lotus Shield, make-up by makeup artist from Makeup Academy using Avon makeup products, glamour profile shots by Jay Tablante.


That’s the big star of the day the Avon Advance Techniques Lotus Shield, a breakthrough hair product that promises long-lasting frizz control that makes unruly hair more manageable, beautifully polished and healthy… regardless of the weather!


Sounds like something all of us need right?  Well it is.

After the Tres Treat we sat down to listen to Avon’s Senior Manager for Product Innovation who was on a live cam chat with us straight from Avon’s Research and Development Facility in New Your, Dr. Sen Yang. He told us about the science behind the Avon patented Advance Techniques Lotus Shield.

Dr Yang on the webcam chat
The technology used in the product was inspired by the actual lotus leaf which has the ability to repel water on its surface.  Advance Technique Lotus Shield forms a humidity-resistant barrier on the hair’s surface to control frizz and its proven effective even at 97% humidity.

It works on the leaf as it works on this paper and it will work on the hair too Dr. Yang said.
Left side is Lotus Shield Treated the other is not. The Lotus Treated part bounces off/ repels water. The untreated absorbs it.

Another exciting component of the product is that its a non-greasy leave-on hair treatment that keeps the hair sleep, bouncy and flawless, just like a movie star!

Advance Technique Lotus Shield is just one of the innovative hair care products from the Advanced Technique line.    They also have the following products:


  • Advance Techniques Daily Shine Shampoo 200ml (Regular Price Php175.00 / Special Intro Price Php145.00)
  • Advance Techniques Daily Shine Conditioner 200ml (Regular Price Php195.00 / Special Intro Price Php165.00)
  • Advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum* (Regular Price Php250.00/ Special Intro Price Php199.00)

*Available starting October 2011


  • Advance Techniques Damage Repair Shampoo 200ml (Regular Price Php175.00 / Special Intro Price Php145.00)
  • Advance Techniques Damage Repair Conditioner 200ml (Regular Price Php195.00 / Special Intro Price Php165.00)
  • Advance Techniques Damage Repair Reconstructive Treatment Mask 150g (Regular Price Php250.00 / Special Intro Price Php199.00)


  • Straight & Sleek Shampoo 200ml (Regular Price Php175.00 / Special Intro Price Php145.00)
  • Straight & Sleek Conditioner 200ml (Regular Price Php195.00 / Special Intro Price Php165.00)
  • Straight & Sleek Smoothing Crème 150g (Regular Price Php250.00 / Special Intro Price Php199.00)


  • Keep Clear 2-in-1 Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 200ml (Regular Price Php200.00 / Special Intro Price Php165.00)
  • Keep Clear Leave-on Scalp Treatment 150ml (Regular Price Php250.00 / Special Intro Price Php199.00)

**Available starting August 2011


  • Styling Firm Hold Gel 150g (Regular Price Php220.00 / Special Intro Price Php169.00)
  • Styling Firm Hold Spray 100ml (Regular Price Php200.00 / Special Intro Price Php149.00)

*Available starting October 2011


  • Advance Techniques Frizz Control Lotus Shield Treatment 60ml (Regular Price Php350.00 / Special Intro Price Php299.00)

I now have my hands with the above products (except for the styling products) and I will post my review about them after a reasonable amount of time of using them.  They are confident about the 3-day guarantee of a gorgeous hair transformation so await a review in 3 days.  I’m so excited!

Avon Advance Techniques Product Line

At the moment, 20 hours after the hair makeover I had with Lourd Ramos  using the three products, my hair still feels soft, sleek, and bouncy and yes no frizz! Walang buhaghag! Amazing!

Event Photos:
All of the guests and the host during the event have their hair styled and makeup done at the venue. Everyone looked so gorgeous with their bouncy, sleek hair!

Lourd Ramos of Creations Salon told us that he used the product in his salon a month ago with his guest unwittingly knowing what product it was and they were all delighted with the result.



At the Avon Advance Techniques Salon
Lourd Ramos doing my hair

While having my makeup done
Shocks didn’t get their names but they said they read my blog! Touche!

Almost finished product

Shocks I didn’t get her name, was so excited with the happenings at the event.

Photo op with famous hair master Lourd Ramos of Creations Salon !  Can’t wait to see the photo taken by Jay Tablante

I love Avon and I love all of their events, its super fun and super unique and interactive!

We were told that the products will be available by July 16, 2011 except for the styling products so ask your Avon lady about them on Saturday. Btw, I love the scent of the product range, smells so good!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Pde ko i-try yung Straight and Sleek, nakita ko na toh sa avon brochure eh, But I’m also testing another shampoo if mahihiyang ako dun, same price lang naman halos eh so why not diba?

  2. I want to try the Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Avon never stops to develop innovative products. there’s a new perfume line din di ba? yung Scentini, i love the smell of Plum Twist. 🙂

  3. wow! this is really a fun event! looks like a promising product! can’t wait for your reviews!

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