I’m Shoe Happy!

When it rains it pours, definitely pours.  I was wishing for the shoe fairy to help me find some shoes my size and today I did!

I was passing time at Shangri-la Plaza Mall yesterday after doing some errands and waiting for an event when my feet lead me to The Row !

This is what I saw
Are my eyes deceiving me?
I think not, LOOK!
ANY 2 PAIR FOR Php799.00 !!! OMG!

I tried a couple of them
Nice Oxfords eh? The blue flats was nice too but it doesn’t fit me and that’s the smallest available! Oh well!

I was able to fit in two of them shoes from So Fab! Yay!

I got a tan Oxfords


and a Wooden Clogs!

2 pairs for Php799.00 ! I can’t get over that!

Btw, I also passed by the Celine store in Shangri-la and they are having a shoes and bags sale up to 50% off and the sale goes on until Sunday, August 7, 20011 !


Anyway, I’m shoe happy!

The Row So Fab! shoes sale will be on until supply last, so hurry!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I always have a pair of shoes from Celine sale in Shang. They’ve got really great stuff there even on sale :0 Love your oxfords :0

  2. Omg I’m so gonna check my nearest So! Fab again! I’ve been snubbing their sale signs lately haha.

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