Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation Review

I believe you have seen this in the billboards around the Metro already with Halle Berry as the model.  This product is very new and I don’t know when it will be available in our favorite beauty counters and how much. I can’t even see it in the official Revlon website yet.   I’m very glad to be one of the first to try it out.


I’m talking about the Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation. A two way powder foundation in a sleek and sexy compact! Very compact I say! I love the size and the shape of the compact para lang iPhone ang peg. Haha!

Product Info (from the box)
Revlon Two Way Powder Foundation. Photochromatic pigments blend, reflect, and difuse light to erase every flaw. Silky smoth jet-milled powder for soft matte finish. Oil free. Fragrance Free.


Revlon got three other PhotoReady Foundation in compact forms but this one is different. The other one was the Compact Makeup in Cream form the other one is just a Powder this one is a Two Way Cake Powder if I even made sense.


If I didn’t put a line in between to tell you where the blended Revlon PhotoReady Two Way Powder Foundation was applied its barely noticeable because it is a perfect match for my skin tone! It did gave my skin a little glow but not too shimmery which I like and not too matte.

On My Face

This is before putting it on

This is after putting on the two way powder foundation even before it sets in


This is after the makeup sets in (a few minutes after putting it on) Taken in all angles to show you how flawless it makes my skin look like.

Photos were taken with flash

next photo was taken without a flash and using fluorescent lighting

What I think about it?

  • Obviously I am in love with it. I love how the Medium Beige shade matches my skin tone perfectly. I feel like it was customize for my skin tone!
  • I love how it makes me look flawless in any angle and in any lighting!
  • I love how I don’t need to do a makeup/powder retouch all the time when I have it on.
  • It does not make my face look shiny even after hours wearing it.
  • It doesn’t cake.
  • Provides medium coverage if you use dry sponge application.  Provides full coverage for wet sponge application.
  • I love the finish not to matte and not that shimmery!
  • Oh! Its SPF 19 !

Do I recommend it?

How about you, have you seen this two way powder foundation sold in beauty counters here? Have you tried it? How was it for you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. Yes it is ok. I don’t think its the concealer or the powder that’s giving you that stininging sensation tho. Do you use something else before powdering or putting concealer or powder maybe your eyeliner or mascara?

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