FOTW: Eye Can Be Tamed

I’ve been doing daring, bright and colorful eye makeup since I started my FOTW so just for today I will post a tamed look that you can wear everyday (except for the too much glitter on the makeup I used). I used the L’Oreal Open Eyes Pro in Plum Harmony.


The Plum Harmony got the following shades in it:

  1. Deep Plum
  2. Plum Blossom
  3. Beige
  4. Highlighter


My FOTW using the Plum Harmony, a very tamed look if you disregard the glitters!


It’s just too glittery and the colors fall off!

How I did it?
The Deep Plum on the outer corners of my eyelid, the plum blossom on the inner corners of my eye, beige on the center and highlighter just below my eyebrows (brow bone)
Then finish off with a liquid eyeliner and mascara

Finish off with a liquid eyeliner and mascara!

Plum harmony Swatches
Photos taken with and without flash in fluorescent lighting swatched once without primer

Swatched once without a primer
Photos taken with flash and without a flash on florescent lighting


I really think the Open Eyes Pro in Plum Harmony is too shimmery and the last two shades lacks pigmentation and too glittery and they are too sheer and the color falls out! But if you are all for glitter and shimmer go ahead and use it! Its a nice night makeup I think.

How about you, have you tried this eye makeup yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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