My “What’s Your Number?” Movie Review

To someone who really loves you does the number of men you have slept with in the past even matter to him?

I just saw another romance comedy movie last night and I must say I truly enjoyed the movie. For me What’s Your Number  is better than Friends with Benefits. Its sweet, its funny, its relieving, its hilarious and we all can relate with the theme of the movie.

I laughed so hard so many times from start until the last scene of the movie was rolled out.  I even cried in some scenes.  Its such a funny movie I believe everyone enjoyed it because the burst of laughter in the theater was non-stop.

Another reason to watch this movie for the girls is Chris Evans, he looks so good without trying so hard in this movie.  He so cute and a charmer! Beware of his likes.  Chris Evans is so much better here than in Captain America!

Ana Faris is hilarious, I’ve always loved this girl, I believe she is made for comedy.  She effortlessly delivers her lines and do her thing and you would immediately get the punchline.  She’s so funny!


Movie Info

What’s Your Number is about a  girl who was in a dilemma of finding her happy ever after after realizing she has slept with more men than any average woman in the world ever had, according to an article she read in a magazine.

The article was based by a study regarding the threshold of the number of men a woman can have sex with and still be able to find the man who will be her true love and will marry her.

Without going over the number she decides to track down her exes and see who among them could be the one who slip away and maybe make him the one.

The movie teaches the lesson of love is being happy of who you are and that love is making a better version of yourself.  Love is accepting the one you love for who they are and becoming the better version of you without trying really hard.

What’s Your Number will be shown in  Philippine theaters on October 5, 2011.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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