Westlife In Manila

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Westlife In Manila

Indeed, there is a rainbow after the rain. I was invited to see  the multi-awarded Irish pop group Westlife, which we all remember with their super hit song “Swear It Again” and “If I Let You Go” among other hits and cover song like “Uptown Girl”.

Westlife is here and they’ve been around the worldto promote their 11th album “Gravity,” released in November 2010 and the release of their new single “Lighthouse” in a a concert today September 29,2011  at Araneta Coliseum! Get your tickets now!

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8 thoughts on “Westlife In Manila

  1. what happened last nyt sis? hay!!! i hate my sister! She sneaked to watch the concert without me and she’s now apologizing! Do you know how that feels? huhuhuhu… T____T

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