Yes, it’s beginning to look like Christmas in the house! I changed the curtains and put up the Christmas tree today, if I’m in the mood tomorrow I’ll be putting up the Christmas lights and more decorations/garlands outside.

Choosing curtain color combos

Unpacking the Christmas decorations I hid in the bodega for safe keeping

Putting up my slim Christmas tree. I had this for more than 5 years now!

Before putting the ornaments in the tree its better to put on the lights first!

Christmas tree ornaments up close

Tada! I had purple, silver and gold Christmas tree motif this year, whatchatink?


How about you, what will be your Christmas tree motif this 2011, care to share?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Btw, here’s a post I made last 2009 with some handy tips and hints on how you can keep a stress free Christmas.


Oh, just in, Ayala Center in Makati also held their Christmas lighting ceremony to kick of the Christmas Season this 2011.  Ayala Triangles will start their light and sound show on November 16, 2011.  Its super nice here’s a teaser of Christmas in Ayala and my Christmas tree last year.








  1. wowww. lovely!!! haven’t put up Christmas decors yet eh. 🙁

  2. Ang cute! Royal colors pala ang motif mo this Christmas! I still haven’t decided yet on our motif, maybe we’ll stick to gold and red..:)

    I read your schedule, talagang week by week ang paghahanda ah! But you’re right, it’s always good to be really prepared! 🙂 Ayala festive shows have always been wonderful, I can’t wait to see this year’s!

  3. just this very moment, my big sis is already doing the decorations…

  4. wow. that must have taken you hours to make. i never tried putting up a xmas tree.

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