Christmas Preparations Tips And Hints

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Christmas Preparations Tips And Hints

It’s 25 days before Christmas! While some may have taken advantage of the Black Saturday and the long weekend most are still unprepared and are still waiting for the last minute shopping and preparations. Don’t fret here’s some handy tips you can use to make your Christmas celebration a breeze.

Here’s a nice schedule you can follow.
December 1-6 (1st week of December) where you should do an inventory of your pantry and storage rooms to see what you have and what you lack and list them down before heading to the stores to shop. While you are at it you can also squeeze a little gift shopping for your loved ones if you find something they might like.

December 7-13 (2nd week of December)
where you should plan your Christmas dinner menu, list down the ingredients and purchase the non-perishable goods first. Start completing your Christmas gift shopping.

December 14-20 (3rd Week of December)

You can relax a bit or do some house cleaning in preparation for the big day.

Buy the fresh meat you need on the 20th or 21st and not a day before. It’s really practical since prizes skyrocket a day or two before Christmas . Store the meat in the freezer to keep their freshness. Fresh vegetables can be stored up to 6 days so you can buy them now too.

12 noon before the Christmas Dinner
You can do the slicing and dicing of your ingredients, meats, vegetables, onions, tomatoes, garlic and anything that needs slicing. You can cook those food that should be served cold, like deserts. Cook those food that takes hours to prepare. Then cook the main dishes two hours before dinner and just re-heat if needed.

There are three major shopping issues during the Holidays and to be able to experience a stress free shopping dedicate a time for the three.
1) Grocery and foodstuffs shopping
This is a day where you just shop for foods and grocery stuff but just buy the non-perishable ones first and buy the meat and vegetables a day or two before the big day.

2) Clothes and accessories
You don’t want to rush picking the perfect dress for a great party. It’s better to have a day dedicated for clothes, shoes and accessories so you can get the best one or a bargain!

3) Presents
Make that list and check it twice then hit the stores and hunt for that perfect gift for your loved ones.

I know it’s fun to shop with many people around but really do you want the same feeling you got every year when you cram and wait long lines? I bet not! Happy Holidays!

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