Interior Design Evolution #PSID2016

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Interior Design Evolution #PSID2016

One of my childhood dream was to be an interior designer. Growing up I enjoyed looking at home magazines and enjoyed home makeover and interior decoration shows. While I tried to enroll for that course in college, there was a better plan for me being a communications student so I went the other way. However, I did not shut the door when it comes to art and design. It’s my first love. I still watch and look and sometimes do interior decoration, mostly at home.

Recently I was at the preview of the Philippine School of Interior Design Batch 2016 exhibition where they showcased their interpretations of Interior Design Evolution from the Past, Present and Future trends and upcoming styles and designs.

It was very interesting to see what they all have come up to. I am specially delighted at the travel back in time through the Past gallery. Design inspiration screams a lot of retro vibe especially during the boom of pop culture that is making a comeback recently. The vintage trends taking center stage reminded me of the rock and roll era, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean specifically. Time periods that were interpreted at the Past gallery were Finn Juhl, Earo Aarnio, Alvar Aalto, Eero Saarinen, Charles Eames, Hans Wegner, Warren Platner and Arne Jacobsen.

Here’s a sneak preview of what two of my favorite booths from the Past Gallery are like:
This Warren Platner Dining area with working pachinco dining table screams Grease movie set and I love it.

Warren Platner Dining Room

Warren Platner Dining Room

Meanwhile this Charles Eames Study / Library is making me think about traveling some more. I love the map wall murals and the compass wall art

Charles Eams Study/ Dining

The Present Gallery gave me a run throgh of what is the now scene on interiors. I saw more of the contemporary design where the classic pieces and design elements meets the modern trends such as eclectic nature and present deconstructed designs and silhouettes. Styles such as Tropical, Filipino, Japanese, Mediterranean, Chinese, Moorish, Victorian and Baroque were presented in an unexpected yet elegant fusion.

But here is my favorite from the Present Gallery:
I love this Modern Filipino Toilet & Bath as it used Filipino materials such as the capiz and made it more modern as the tiles can be rotated to take a different feel each time. It has a his and hers section and on the center is the bathtub which is really nice! It’s so Filipino bahay kubo style but with a modern twist.

Modern Filipino Toilet & bath

I found a lot of booths in the Future gallery very pleasing. I enjoyed the fearless forecast from the up and coming interior designers of tomorrow from PSID. I love the interpretation of the Rustic Luxe, Funk Art, Metallic Glam specifically, if I would have another home myself I would introduce some of these interior design suggestions I saw at the exhibit. Equally some elements from the Avant Garde Industrial, Tech and Trendy, Organic Opulence, Design Deconstructed styles also caught my eye.

My ultimate favorite was this Funk Art Master Bedroom. It screams Lady Gaga and it screams me! The graffiti wall, faux brick, large windows, and the dramatic study corner is just fantastic! I love the elevated bed area and lots of windows and bay window area, I am a fan of huge windows!

Love or Revenge, Am I writing a Bad Romance at the Funk Art Masterbedroom

Funk Art Master Bedroom

I also fell in love with the Metallic Glam Kitchen. I love the simplicity yet elegantness of the design. Very functional as well. I can see myself cooking in this kitchen.

Metallic Glam Kitchen

Metallic Glam Kitchen

Interior Design Evolution

Meanwhile, enjoy this virtual tour of the Interior Design Evolution: Past, Present, Future #PSID2016 exhibit which will open to the public starting September 30,2016 to October 30, 2016 at the Greenfields District . Evolution is a carefully planned, extensive researched exhibit to mark the PSID’s 50th anniversary in 2017. The exhibitors were sponsored by Devant, Uratex, Boysen, Hafele, Bosch, Blanco Germany, Gorenje, Dexterton, La Europa Ceramica, Songdream, Nordlux, Matimco, AG Murals, Mity Mike, Larry’s Curtain, Mailine, Fineza and Ilaw Atbp. Now you know who are their suppliers for the fantastic interior design evolution showcase.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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