Gold Dot Gives Birth To BLANC

I’m sure you’ve heard of Gold Dot and they’re sky high heels and wedges that were crafted for the fashion forward and fashion feirce individuals who don’t mind walking in high heels for hours. BLANC on the other hand is a more basic, price-friendly line for girls who love flats. For their first collection they released three styke 2 flats for girls and 1 guys, Emi, Esme and Erico.


This is Esme, my favorite among the three, its a 2-way flats which can be both be worn in any way. It has metallic snaps at the back that can be snapped on or taken off to match any outfit.

Visit for more info about Blanc and other designs.

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  1. cute flats. like the shade too. arent gold dot shoes expensive?

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