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The Marriott Hotel Marriott Cafe Sunday Brunch Buffet

Aside from clothes, shoes and makeup, I can’t turn down an opportunity to try out buffets in five-star hotels. When I was invited to have a taste of Mariott Hotel Marriott Cafe Sunday Brunch Buffet, I immediately said yes. I did not mind the distance I have to travel because I was sure it was worth it.

One of the many things that encouraged me to have a taste of Mariott Hotel’s Brunch Buffet is their Chocolate room. I’m such a sucker for desserts and sweets, most especially chocolates!

The Chocolate Room of Marriott Hotel Cafe was more like a chocolate heaven filled with chocolates! From paintings, table tops, pots, sculptire, cakes, truffles, fountain, trees and even human!

The Chocolate Tree bearing Macaroon fruits! With Chocokate Pots and Chocolate Truffles!

IMAG5499 IMAG5501 IMAG5500 IMAG5502
The Chocolate Fondue Fountain surrounded with fruits and marshmallows and Chocolate Painting made of 99% painting!

Chocolate Sculpture and Chocolate Table Tops!

A parade of sweet Chocolate Cakes!
IMAG5494 IMAG5488-1-1
IMAG5485 IMAG5492-1-1

and the Chocolate Human who is one of the Lady Chefs at Mariott Hotel who was covered with Swiss and Belgian Chocolates! Yummiest person alive! Haha!
IMAG5486 IMAG5497

I’m such a carnivore, so after indulging with the sweets I head straight to the Carvery and Steaks where Australian Beef roasts and Lamb Legs and Roast Pig are calling out my name!
He gave me a huge serving of juicy and tasty tender Ausie roast beef!

My favorite Salmon Steak it melts in your mouth!

The amazing Salad Bar with huge selection and varieties of sauces, toppings, mixes, and dressings!

Live Oysters Bar

Fresh Shell Fish Bar with crabs, shrimps, mussle and lobsters

The cocktails bar

Pasta Bar where they make fresh ravioli, fetuccini, spaghetti, bolognese and pasta all you want!

Did I mention Foi Gras!

Here’s some of what I had in Marriott Hotel’s Brunch Buffet



I also had ice cream at the ice cream bar where you can sprinkle your icecream with lotsa sweet topping too! Like the Chocolate room isn’t enough for my sugar fix!

Marriott Cafe Brunch Buffet is definitely worth every penny. With 14 stations in all offering more than you can bargain for. The Marriott Hotel Brunch Buffet starts at 11am to 3pm for Php2,000/pax.

With the great tasting meals that melts in your mouth, wide selection of food choices, great ambiance and everything else except a variety of International Cuisine stations, I think its time The Circles Bufftet, The Shangrila Heat Buffet , and Sofitel’s Spiral Buffet upgrade and update because Marriott Cafe Buffet is gonna be a tough competition.


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  1. The pics look really tempting.

  2. gosh! as in, that’s a real person covered in chocolate? grabe, bongga!

    awww the roast beef is to bloody for me. hahaha
    grabe, heaven siguro yung Chocolate Room!kaso, the brunch buffet is soooo pricey!

    the painting is 99% chocolate?wow

    I wonder what they do with the leftover chocolate- freeze, then reheat?hehe

  3. hi earth! like you, next day na ko kumain ulit. hehe 🙂

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