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Agree with me or not but an entire outfit is ruined because of ill-fitting and inappropriate undergarments (brassiere and panties). So, how do you choose your undergarments properly?  Do you buy because of its nice design, color or fit? Here’s some guidelines I picked up at a recent briefing with Wacoal about loving my figure and how I can Be Body Beautiful at Any Age.

Wear Age Appropriate Underwear

I am sure you never considered age in choosing your undergarments before like I have, but I learned that Wacoal makes undergarments that are age-appropriate, making them the perfect partner in achieving graceful ageing.

Why consider age?  I don’t know if this is the first time you read about this, we were never really told about this until now, but did you know that there are undergarments meant only to be worn at a certain age.  Knowing this, I realized that an undergarment meant for a woman who is on her 20’s may not fit the same as a woman who is at her 40’s, just look at the illustration below:


The woman above is in her 20’s and is wearing an age-appropriate bra, the fit looks really good.  Below is a woman in her 40’s wearing the same bra, but because her physique is different, she does not fit the bra well, and the bra doesn’t look that great on her compared to the other.

The logic for this is that our body changes as we age. It may wrinkle or sag and everything that has weight is pulled down by gravity and we know it.  The illustration below will show you how our physique changes in our 20’s, 30’s, 40’s , 50’s and beyond:


Wacoal has different underwear that are tailor-fitted to different age groups

At your 20’s, your body is at its peak. There’s no sagging and everything is still plump and full.  Women in their 20’s can wear mostly any kind of undergarment that emphasizes their shape, breast, waist and hips.

At your 30’s, your body fat begins to saturate. Sudden weight gain begins and our body shape starts to drastically change.  Women in their 30’s should wear brasseries with underwire, pads and side panels with reinforced fabric/bone and girdles.

At your 40’s the upper part of the body is visibly growing larger than the lower part. Stomach grows and things start to sag drastically. Women in their 40’s need to wear bras with wider straps and side panels to support breasts, shoulders and back.

Women’s Partner

All Wacoal sales staff are trained to get your perfect fit, so don’t be shy to ask for a sizing and a fitting each time you buy a new bra.   Fitting is very important so you can see if the bra fits well and is comfortable to wear.

Get a fitting

Wear it right

It is very important also that you choose the perfect cup size for your bra.  I am very much guilty on this one because I wear a cup size smaller than I really am which flattens my breast making it look smaller (which was what I was trying to achieve).  Not only is it uncomfortable but bad for the body as well.


There’s a notion that the tighter the girdle, the better.  Wrong.  Your girdle should be comfortable enough to let you breathe and move.   A girdle that is perfectly fit will help enhance the silhouette of the waist, hip, and thigh.  Even women in their 20’s should consider wearing a girdle to help preserve her figure, while women in their 30’s and 40’s can wear it everyday to guard them from the pulls of ageing.

Through Wacoal, women can Be Body Beautiful at any age because their undergarments have the perfect fit, support, comfort and durability from high quality merchandise. I am loving my Wacoal bandeau and corset. They fit so nicely and feels like my second skin and that pair of lace undies doesn’t bulge under my cotton and silk shirt unlike other brands. Lace is sexy!

So, did you know any of these before?

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Stay gorgeous everyone!


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  1. My Mom and I have been Wacoal users since I was in my teens. Their undergarments are a bit expensive however it does last a long time.

  2. aaaayyy, thanks for this very informative post… ang mahal nga lang ng Wacoal 🙂

  3. this is very informative! thank you! i never knew until this blog post that one has to consider age when buying undergarments. sadly, ang mahal ng wacoal!!!

  4. I strongly agree that an entire outfit is ruined due to inappropriate undergarments.hate na hate ko yung bra an umaangat at nalalaglag ang strap hahaha

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