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What is RejuveHair Herbal Solutions?

I’m not balding but I’m experiencing hair-fall and thinning hair. With the constant hair dyeing my hair went through, my hair has become lifeless and my scalp damaged. Because of that my hair is thinner than ever compard to how it used to. Some hair stylist suggest I give my hair a rest from hair coloring and relaxing treatment and grow it out for a bit to restore life back from it. But the roots and the un-retouched hair color looks really bad that I have to color it again.

I got an invitation from Rejuvehair Herbal Solutions last week to try out their services. They claim to breathe life back into chemically damaged hair using 100% Natural and Chemical Free products, everything is made from herbal plants and extracts naturally. I was curious so I went to pay them a visit and try their herbal hair treatment.

Upon arriving at the salon, I liked how simple the place was, it looks like a regular salon but its not . Immediately I was seated and was told what the treatment was all about and what it does . I was also given an upfront disclosure about the smell of the treatment and how some of their clients could not take it. Also if you have a hair color on, the treatment might affect it a little, either by darkening or lightening it or if too blonde make it red or rusty in color. That is why before doing the Rejuvehair Herbal Solutions treatment on you, they give you a waiver that you should sign that you are okay withe experiencing the smell and the discoloration (if color-treated hair).

Watch me undergo the treatment here:

I was okay with the smell and the color, after all my hair color has regrowth almost 2 inches already and well the smell, they said it grows with you. You can shampoo after anyway so , I signed and went on with it.

You have two options for the Signature treatment , the colorless and the original.  I tried the original treatment which has the smell that I can mostly tolerate.

Treatment Info: (From Rejuvehair)
REJUVEHAIR Herbal Solutions delivers naturally healthy hair.Only those who haveconsistently experienced our treatmentsand home care regimen,can speak of their own individual breakthrough hair-stories. The actual individual’s experience,candeliver the claimswithout the hype. Visual and physicalevidence-the scalp and hair-can speak of its actual condition. Synthetic relief provides limiting gratification, while long-termdiscipline inusing all-natural ingredients provideslasting health confidence. All-natural ingredients to address different hair and scalp concerns: Througha holistic approach,as well as the right amount of hair nutrition potency,we can stimulateconnective tissue cell activity, restoredamaged hair structure, provide the much neededstrength and elasticity, to your hair. With this hair and scalphealth-advantage, it now has a better fighting chance against stress and environmental aggression.

A blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)Ayurvedic herbs, Therapeutic Grade Essential OilsThe Eastern method uses aprogressive process of detoxifyingthe hair and scalp, infusing it with the needed nutrients, in order to restore and revive it to its ideal andhealthy state. The discipline behind the regimen provides long-term rewards.


  • scalp cell renewal& nourishment
  • hair fall & hair loss prevention
  • healthy hair growth acceleration
  • gray hair prevention

IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE: TO SEE THE FULL RESULT YOU NEED TO TRY THE TREATMENT AT-LEAST 6-8 times depending on the damage of your hair and scalp. They have a package for 12 treatment that you can use anytime you want. They suggest go to a treatment after every 7-10 days to experience the result faster.


Rejuvehair Herbal Treatment

Rejuvehair Herbal Treatment

Now, What goes on during the Rejuvehair Herbal Solutions treatment?
First they shampoo the hair to remove whatever you have put on your hair so the solution will seep in better onto the hair and scalp. After shampooing , they will massage onto your scalp and comb on a herbal oil all over your hair. Then they will apply the treatment and have you on steam for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes they will cool down your steamed for another 30 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water, their special shampoo and conditioner.

What I think of it: (scoring is 1-5 gorgeous points 1 being the lowest 5 being the highest)

Coming out of the salon:

Smell:  3

If you have sensitive nose or don’t like the smell of herbal stuff, the smell may be too strong for you. I tried the original signature treatment and the smell is somehow tolerable. The smell reminds of a mix of honey, ginseng, herbal tea, some root extracts and other root crops. The smell will stay on your hair for a couple of days even if you shampoo. So this might be something you will have to take in consideration if you are gonna try it out.

Color Change: 5

I did not mind the obvious change in my hair, it looks like it gave my hair brand new life and color. Although of course my black hair roots remained black, the remaining part of my hair which was color treated became kinda vibrand redish orange but more on red. It used to be dark yellowish brown.

Shine: 5

After the treatment my hair became super shiny! Very vibrand and with life.

Softness: 5

My hair feels very soft and smooth right after the treatment.Rejuvehair Herbal Treatment

A day after the treatment:

Smell: 3

The smell of the herbal treatment remains inspite of taking a shower (the smell went away after 3 washes with my regular shampoo)

Color Change: 3

I noticed that while washing my hair there was brown color that was washing off my hair. I was told that the treatment is kinda hard to remove from the hair. I have 3 washes since the treatment and I still notice color fading off/washing off after every shampoo.

Shine: 5

My hair is surprisingly still shiny after 3 washes.

Softness: 5

My hair stil feels soft and very light .

Rejuvehair Herbal Treatment

As for rating the effectivity I can’t say much as I only tried it once. I was told it will take 6-8 treatments before you can actually see the results.

I was shown a couple of photos from their patrons who availed of the package treatment , some of them having hairr fall and thinning problems and even white hair and hair loss. I saw improvements. As for myself I can’t say big drastic change.

Do I recommend the treatment?
I would recommend it for those who have hair loss problem and excessive hair fall, those with dry flaky scalp , white hair, and those who want to return to their natural hair color and don’t want to color their hair back . It takes a lot of time and discipline and tolerance to Chinese herbal/earthy scents to achieve the optimum result.  Like mentioned above you need at least 6-8 visits to see the results.

If you want to try it out yourself REJUVEHAIR Herbal Solutions is only available and can be found at at:2F Sekai Center (opposite Masuki)368 Ortigas Ave. cor. Madison St.North Greenhills, San Juan City. Customer Service Hotline: (632) 6250284 / (63) 905 3000 000 Website:www.rejuvehair.com.ph @rejuvehair on Instagram

Rejuvehair Herbal Treatment Salon in Greenhills with Eve and Kyra Yulo
Rejuvehair Herbal Treatment Center in Greenhills with Eve and Kyra Yulo

If you have undergone Rejuvehair Herbal Solutions treatment, I would love to hear your feedback!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Watch me undergo the treatment here:

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