Preview: POP Put On Pieces Hair U Wear Clip-In

Bored of your usual hair color? What to put on some pop of colors but are afraid of damaging your hair with the hair coloring or bleach treatments? Then here’s an absolutely genius product that you can wear as you please no worries! The Put on Pieces (POP) Hair U Wear Clip-In Color Hair Strips!

POP Hair U Wear Clip-In Color Hair Strips
I used the purple and pink side bangs during a teaser video shoot for the Bloggers United Bazaar 3 the other day and everyone loved it, most especially me! It’s a pop of color on your hair you can wear anytime and anywhere. You can change highlights to any color as often as you want! POP Hair U wear Clip-In Hair strips is available in longs strips or side bangs and in different colors. I used the purple and pink but its also available in blue, platinum blonde, green and red!

wearing a purple Clip-In color hair strips
Aside from POP Hair U Wear Clip-in Color Hair Strips in Purple, I’m also wearing a Coco Cabana tropical top, and SM Accessories necklace.
However, the clip-on hair pieces are not yet out in the market, Sprint Asia Beauty will be launching and releasing it really really soon! Thank you for allowing to use them in advanced!  Oh yeah, I might be selling them hair clip-ons  in my Bloggers United Bazaar 3 booth so please please be there and buy a couple pieces!
me wearing Hair U Wear Clip In color Hair Strips
What do you think of my POP Put On Pieces Hair U Wear Clip-In Bubble Gum Pink Bangs and Purple Hair Highlights?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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