OOTD: Back To School

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OOTD: Back To School

It’s back to school again but I still love to wear the playful and fun colors of summer. For my back to school outfit I wore the Candy Stripes and Boyfriend Jeans trend.

Back To School 2012 outfit

Candy Stripes top: HangTen
Boyfriend jeans: Penshoppe
Shoes: Janylin

boyfriend jeans from Penshoppe
playful candy striped top from Hangten
Before you mistake me for a school girl, I have to make it clear that I’m not, but my daughter is.

IMG_8887 (1)
I try not to put a lot of makeup whenever I bring my daughter to school and fetch her back. As much as possible I try to be simple and ordinary so as not to get the moms or the caregivers of kids there give something to talk about. I don’t want to be the center of any attention in there.

How about you, what is your back to school look?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Outfit shot by Paul Chuapoco
Outfit shot taken at Fully Booked High Street

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8 thoughts on “OOTD: Back To School

  1. candy stripes top is so cute,. ganda ng dating sa boyfriend jeans ng penshoppe.galing mo ahh

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