Teeology: Jennifer Lopez Limited Edition Luxury T-Shirt Website

We all know that a good fitting  well-designed T-shirt is hard to find.  So it would be definitely great if we will have a say on what our shirt will say and look like.  Well,  Jennifer Lopez Limited Edition Luxury T-Shirt website is finally live and read to serve her distinct yet fashionable customers — Teeology.com

At Teeology.com customers can vote on their favourite t-shirt designs that will then go into production.    It is free to sign-up to be a customer you can even log-in using your Facebook account.  Designers are given the chance to submit their t-shirts which are then considered by a team of curators (headed up by Jennifer herself). After the panel have whittled down a shortlist the decision is up to the consumer. You can vote on designs as well as shop a range of premium basics which are on sale on the site.   Your vote can make a difference to the designer as the winner goes on to become a limited-edition t-shirt.

I love this shirt Jennifer Lopez is wearing on her image on the website.  The Lover or Fighter Tee I would love to buy that shirt!
This one is also nice. The Hand-Draw Cross Tee. I can see myself wear it! 
If you haven’t seen Teeology go ahead and visit it now! The shirts are nice and size from the smallest to the biggest! Themes vary everyday and you can pick your own color tee too upon signing up too! 🙂
Happy Shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Author

    hi Hagawi, please visit their wesite and write on their contact button there , I cannot help you about what you need.

  2. hi there

    i want to contact jennfir or anyone who is in charge about the t-shirt
    i’m saudi lady and i have beauty shop beside fashion shop
    if the company needs distributor for the t-shirt brand in the kingdom of saudi arabia i’m ready to get it

    i’m telling you it’s a strong market here and ladies here are obsessed with fashion world specially t-shirt with known brand

  3. these are cute especially the one Jennifer is wearing! 🙂

  4. Haha The designs are cute and simple. I voted for the Intergalactic Unicorn.

  5. Oh, I absolutely love the idea! Yes, it is difficult to find the perfect tee. I like that one on Jennifer too. It’s flattering and makes a statement at the same time.

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