When I received this package last week, I was scratching my head.  Happy Mother’s Day?  In October?  Is this an advanced or a delayed gift I wondered… until I read on what the note said in full :

Happy Mother's Day?

Dear Earth,

Happy Mother’s Day!

Who said we can’t celebrate mother’s day in September?  Every mom needs to be rewarded and cared for… No matter what the day or month it may be  So for a hardworking mom like you, here’s a skincare treat from Avon.

Avon Care

Awww… how sweet! Right! The note was written in September and the package was sent last week of September so I got it first week of October, a bit delayed, but advanced but still in time! Thank’s Avon Care for this sweet package.

So, Avon Care has a new skincare line called Avon Care Fairness. This is what’s inside the pretty pink paper bag!

Avon Care Fairness
L-R: Avon Care Fairness Cream with Licorice, Avon Care Fairness Exfoliating Face Wash with Licorice and Avon Care Face Wash with Licorice
I haven’t tried them yet been too busy here and there and doing a search about vandoren clarinet reedsbut promise I will soon and will post my review or initial thoughts about these products.

However, if any of you have tried them already I would love to hear your feedback!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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