What’s New From the #BloggerMailBox 6 + Top Blogs Philippines

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What’s New From the #BloggerMailBox 6 + Top Blogs Philippines

So, every blogger I know right now in Manila is feeling some sense of freedom after the Top Blogs Philippines went offline for probably about a month or so now.  Freedom because they no longer feel compelled to compete with themselves and other bloggers for the ranking that most of them said is flawed but a lot of agencies would follow anyway.  Personally, I think it was good that this Philippines Top Bloggers ranking site is gone because 1) agencies will be forced to do their work  and do a research and 2) it is good because those who are competitive like my and always wanna be on top would no longer need to work their assess off to get ranked higher.  Seriously, since the ranking site of top blogs in the Philippines got offline, I feel some sense of freedom as to how to write and when to write .  Unlike when it was existing I wanted to see myself always on top so I work hard to be on top.  Now, I am chill, very chill, I write as I please.  It’s good and bad in a way though because I am relaxed but bad because I don’t have anyone to compete with anymore.

Anyway, I said too much.  The ranking analytics of top blogs Philippines has been questioned a lot, plus the fact that it gave everyone a virus before.  Now nobody will ever know who owns top blogs.  I think this is a good opportunity for an agency to buy the domain if they want to invest on having their own pool of bloggers in the Philippines to work with and rank them.  I think what went wrong with the top blogs Philippines was they don’t know how to monetize their site enough to sustain.  The domain is for sale atm, how much, I don’t know.

Now back to our #BloggerMailBox,  again Thank You to my blog partners and supporters (agencies, companies, brands) who never fails to forget.

Head and Shoulders have new variants of shampoo and conditioners to choose from.  I love this set they sent over because it has wide tooth comb and brush and mirror and a nice travel hygiene pouch to keep my toiletries organized.

Head and Shoulders

Vaseline sent over their Petroleum Jelly and some 101 suggestions on ways to use it. Some use they suggested was to make perfume last longer, heal cracked heels, and avoid dry chapped lips .


Nivea in Shower Body Wash and Lotion! Yup, this new innovation has a new variant and they have an on-going promo until October 30, 2016 visit Nivea Philippines on Facebook!

Nivea In Shower Body Wash

Burt’s Bees ! They have a new cream cleanser that I’m excited to use! I love cream cleanser coz they’re non-drying it’s perfect for those who are conscious about anti-aging stuff.

Burt's Bee latest products

Betadine has new feminine wash products, the Betadine Fresh Blush and it comes in bigger bottles and two different variants!


Pinkbelter and Beachborn both are startup companies and they sell beach essentials . Pinkbelter are handsewn swimsuits ad cover-ups. Beachborn’s first product is the sea salt spray for sexy beach hair , their second product is the lip balm. I heard they’re coming up with an all-natural lotion.

Pinkbelter and Beachborn

Mary Kay promotes #BeautyontheGo for no fuss 10 minute look. Their lippies, face powder, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara are classic and reliable for quick but lasting no-makeup look.

Mary Kay #BeautyontheGo

You may visit Sampleroom.ph to get your free samples of Head and Shoulders, Vaseline, Burt’s Bees, and Nivea products so you can try before you buy.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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