If I remember it right, our weather should feel a bit cooler these days.  Mostly, when the Ber-months approaches the air gets cooler and the people start to bring-out their sweaters, jackets, hat and boots.   But because of the Global Warming, the weather is kinda odd lately, we are losing the cooler vie of the “fall/autumn” season / Christmas Season kinda feel, today and the past few days feels like summer.  Because of that I decided to wear easy breezy clothes at the Uniqlo Search for the No. 1 Fashionista in UniqStyle event.  The event happened at SM North EDSA, The Block, where the second branch of Uniqlo will open in November 16, 2012.



Cover-up: Denim Polo frm YRYS I bought 10 years ago!
Inner top: Forever 21 sleeveless lace back top
Pants: SM Department Store
Shoes: Jannilyn
Bag: Roxy

I super love these pants, it’s so light and breezy and it has pockets! I bought it because I can see me wear this in any kind of top on different occasion! I bought for less than Php500.000 !

these pants
I bought this Maong Jacket/ now they call chambray lolz! In YRYS a decade ago! See if you invest in the right pieces and keep your clothes stored in the right way, you can use it again and again for many many years! After all fashion trends is a cycle, old-styles comes back years after!

Ze top
and of course my FOTD! Fresh and clean! Highlighting my combi of pink and red Shu Uemura lippies!

Ze fez
Event Photos

With Alex, Jeman, Mike, Rovie, Ria, Daryll, Mr.Kubota, and  Alex
So, you are asking what is the UniqStyle Search for the No.1 Fashionista?

It is Uniqlo’s way to provide fashionista shopingeras from the North of Metro Manila an early experience of Uniqlo items and shopping prior to the opening of their latest store located at the 2nd Floor of SM City North EDSA- The Block.

Shoppers are allowed to try-out Uniqlo clothes in the Uniqlo truck that can be found at the ground floor of The Block. You can wear them and take a picture of yourself wearing the Uniqlo clothes of your choice and upload it to Facebook or better yet upload it at the UniqStyle app that can be found at the Uniqlo Philippines Page on Facebook

Just like this!


I am wearing the Uniqlo vest and hat on this one and they took a shot of me right away and they uploaded it right on-the-spot! So please (not to be bokya!haha!) Please VOTE for my mandatory UniqStyle entry (click here)

This is the Uniqlo truck and some of the items in there:

Winter clothes from the Uniqlo bus
If your entry qualifies your photo will be showcased at the Uniqlo Fashion Wall at the SM North EDSA – The Block wall! Your photos will be displayed here:

Uniqlo fashion wall
So, what is at stake?

For winning photo entries. There will be 4 finalist each week that will automatically get Php5,000.00 worth of shopping spree each. There will be a total of 16 Finalist in total. The 16 finalist will get an additional prize of Php7,000.00 gift certificates each. And the Ultimate UniqStyle winner gets to win Php20,000.00

For winning voters. 60 winners will win Php1,000.00 GC every week x 4 weeks = 240 winners of Php1,000.000 GC each
The ultimate voter will get an additional Php5,000.00 GC at the end of the cut-off for the finals.

Contest period starts October 13, 2012 up to November 8, 2012!

So remember, style yourself with a Uniqlo item, upload on the Facebook App and have your friends vote for your entry!

at the Uniqlo UniqStyle event
Group pix

With Bec and Rovie  at the event
I hope you find time to click like on the Uniqlo Fanpage on Facebook if you haven’t and spare me a few more minutes to vote for my photo! Please!

UniqStyling It Up


If I get in the week 1 I will have a surprise for everyone! Uniqlo gift certificates to be raffled off to my voters! So you’ll get double chances of scoring some gift certificates for a Uniqlo shopping spree! Woot! I’ll pick voters to win Php1,000 gift certificates each is that good?  That’s on top of your chance to win Php6,000.00 gift certificate for voting! So make sure to leave your comment here if you voted for me! Vote here now! Click!

PS: PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR VOTE NUMBER in your comments here. Thanks!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Congrats Ms. Earth for being in the top four!

  2. I just voted! Good luck! 274

  3. voted again for you and will vote daily! 273

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