PAC Makeup Craze: Win a Makeover & A Lenovo Promo

I’m not a professional makeup artist like most of the beauty bloggers here in the Philippines are.  So I grab any opportunity for me to update what I know about makeup techniques and application through mini-workshop makeup brands host.  When Professional Artist Cosmetics (PAC) invited us for an intimate makeup workshop with them so we an explore the PAC makeup products I did not hesitate but attend.  I’m glad I did, because despite the not so well-lit venue and the black and white outfitey going on yesterday, the mood was fun and cheerful with all the beautiful colors of the PAC Liquid EyeLiner Color we played with at the workshop.

The PAC Liquid EyeLiner is PAC new offering in their makeup line.  If you notice colored eyeliners is the makeup trend this season.   Taking inspiration from Indonesian women who mostly have their whole face covered with abaya or scarves as their culture dictates. Most Indonesian women only have their eyes to expose and this is where eye makeup play an important role.   Colored eyeliners puts more impact on the eyes.  

PAC Mini Makeup Workshop

It comes in pretty shades of blue,pink, gold, silver and purple. Here’s some swatches:

To show us how to maximize the use of this makeup, PAC Makeup Artist gave us a demo with the gorgeous Angela of Lush Angel as our model. Tada!

So as to see if we listened to what he was saying, a mini-makeup contest was held for the attendees. Well I know I don’t have a chance with Marj or Rowena who are both professional makeup artist but I wanted to play with the colors and experience the PAC Makeup Craze myself.

Here’s Marj and Mikki team of course they won!

PAC Mini Makeup Workshop

And Rowena and Michelle team

PAC Mini Makeup Workshop

Mikki on the left and Michelle on the right

and me and my model Helen

PAC Mini Makeup Workshop

The event was held at Vanity Beauty Bar and Patisserie at Il Terrazo in Quezon City. A place I’d definitely go to because of the services provided, the patisserie and the drinks! A great place to be with girlfriends for a sparty! Yes, they serve alcoholic drinks in there!

PAC Mini Makeup Workshop
Photo grabbed from
Now back to PAC. Honestly it was the first time I encountered the brand and they said they’ve been around for awhile but the marketing was not so aggressive unlike other makeup brands. Aside from the eyeliners they offer a complete range of makeup products from eye shadows, foundations, lipstick etc. except concealers as their foundations are as good as concealer already.

I can say the eyeliners are a must-have they are waterproof and highly pigmented and so easy to use. I’d say buy a PAC makeup now and get a chance to win a Lenovo phone! Catch the makeup craze at SM Aura, SM Makati and SM Megamall for more details read the poster below.

pacxlenovo makeover countertop
To know more about PAC Martha Tiller the makeup prices product availability  and promotions you follow them on Twitter, Instagram @PAC_PH
How about you, have you tried PAC Martha Tiller makeup before?

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  1. I haven’t tried their products yet. The brands I know are quite limited because I’m not really a make-up person, but that was fun what you did in this event. I love that mini make-up contest!

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