Ways To Use A Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Strip

Not so long ago, I was joking around with my Facebook friends about how I’m gonna write about a band-aid/ plastic strip and  how I can incorporate this in this blog that will jive with my blog subject, fashion and beauty.  We came up with so many crazy things such as what to say about it and here’s what we came up with:

  1. Well, the band-aid is nice and sticky and doesn’t fall-off easily.  This is good because it makes healing much faster!
  2. Because it has pretty cute designs on it I can use this to fashionably hide the callouses (kalyo) I got from wearing too thigh shoes or high heels that often!
  3. This will make a good alternative for a plain nipple tape especially when I’m wearing a tube dress or backless dress.  It won’t be that tasteful anymore in case I get a wardrobe malfunction and accidentally have a nip-slip!  They will either see stars, teddy bears or angels !

While all two I mentioned above are true and highly recommended, I haven’t tried using these cute little band-aid as nip tape (in case you are wondering).  And in case someone thought of doing so please do tell if it worked for you or not!

A lot of laughter followed  this and told them now I know how I’m gonna start my blog post about this band-aid!

On a serious note , the new Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Strips are really really cute,  I bet the little ones in your homes will love it!  They would be very eager to use it even if they don’t have a wound to cover! I can attest to that because my daughter liked them so much she likes to wear them!  She likes looking at the designs!   The  Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Strip comes in three attractive designs: stars, bears and angels!

Mediplast Cartoon Plastic Stips

Despite having the cute designs, it still has the perforated strip , has strong adhesive tape, soft absorbent layer and non-stick film.   Tip: To make the tape stick well, make sure to wash wound area with soap and water and towel dry and apply strip securely.

How about you, have you tried this new band-aid from Mediplast?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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