Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray Solution Review

Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray Solution Review

One of the hardest thing to do when you have sore throat is to eat and to talk. It is so hard to swallow. Plus the throat feels really dry and itchy.

I honestly don’t go to the doctor much and consult for minor sickness such as slight fever, colds and flu. The truth is, I just ask my doctor or nurses friends when I am ill. It is easier that way. I’m just afraid of being told by the doctor that I have this and this illness. I rather not know I am super sick and would rather self medicate. The last time I visited a doctor was a month ago when I had sore eyes. I need to consult a doctor because the pharmacy won’t give over the counter cure for sore eyes. The doctor even gave me a medical certificate because I need to be in quaranteen for 10 days!

Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray Solution Review
Anyway, I asked my doctor and nurse friends online for cure for my sore throat, and asked them if they have heard of the Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray Solution and I got possitive feedback.

Right there and then, I got Kamillosan Spray and applied two puffs directly on my throat.

What I think of Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray?

  • It taste like cough syrup/ mouth wash that you accidentally swallowed.
  • But the relief is instant. As soon as I puffed, I felt sleepy a few minutes after.
  • The next morning I feel a bit relieved and my throat does not feel dry and coarse. It was easier to swallow .
  • It took me just one day, about 6 puffs, as I took two puffs after each meal, to feel a bit better.

Here’s some extra:
Kamillosan Spray also helps relieve gum swelling, “singaw” or gingivitis. It also helps freshed the breath (kinda leaves a menthol / minty smell.

My blogger friend Rodel Flordeliz of Nognog in the City, who is also a radio jock at Wish FM, said he uses Kamillosan when he has sore throat and he gets better fast.

Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray Solution Review
Kamillosan Anti-Inflammatory Spray is not recommended to kids 6 years old below. You don’t need prescription to buy it. It is sold at your favorite pharmacy in the country for about Php485.00 a tube.

How about you, have you tried Kamillosan before? How was your experience?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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