Get Whiter Teeth In 1 Minute?

Sounds impossible right?  But this is the promise of this new toothpaste/ teeth whitening product I discovered last week.  It was given to me by a guest at a party I attended last week who approached me and said he was a reader of my blog?!!!  Anyway, he gave me his business card and a sample of the toothpaste that he apparently is marketing at the moment,  the new Beverly Hills Formula Total Breath Whitening.

I have no idea how much is this toothpaste sold and where I can find it here in the Philippines or in Metro Manila for that matter but looking at their website they are already available in HongKong and other Asian countries, but mostly it is available and apparently very popular in UK and US.

Beverly Hills Formula Teeth Whitening
What the product promises to do:

  • Whiten teeth in 1 minute! Just leave on teeth for up to 1 minute before brushing (do not swallow!)
  • Low abrasion. Proven to be less abrasive than other leading brands of both whitening and regular toothpaste in the US and UK.
  • Total Breath and Anti-Plaque Protection. Breath feels fresh up to 5x longer versus ordinary toothpaste.
  • Hardens Enamel. It protects the teeth against acid attack.
  • Great Dentist Clean Feel. The long lasting mint flavor freshens your mouth each time you brush.

What I think of it?

  • I’ve tried the toothpaste myself and I must say I am impressed, 1st time I use it I feel my teeth became lighter.
  • Second time I use it I can see my teeth became lighter and my teeth feels more cleaner like I also rinsed with a mouthwash after brushing.
  • I feel my mouth and breath smells much fresher and my teeth much more cleaner longer than using an ordinary toothbrush without mouthwash rinse.

It does sound I am hard selling but it is true. No wonder at the packaging they are so bold to say that they promise a money back guarantee if nothing outstanding happens to your teeth and breath if you use the Beverly Hills Formula Total Breath Whitening. Using this product I bet can impress a dentist montreal who is expert in giving us perfect smiles by making Invisalign, veers, invisible braces and implants for those who need it. You can call this dentist and ask him his opinion of this toothpaste or inquire about the invisible braces here Instantsmiles: 5757 Avenue Decelles, Montreal, Cote-des-Neiges, QC H3S 2C3, (514) 738-9411.

How about you, have you tried this teeth whitening product before? Where did you get it and how was it for you?

You can check out for more information.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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