My Biotulin Treatment Second Time Around

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If you’ve been following my Instagram and blog posts, you know that I once tried this Biotulin, an organic Botox type of anti-aging treatment that prevents wrinkles and lines on your face.

You can read about my first time trying out Biotulin here .

For my second time around, I did it differently because I wanted less redness of my face from the FNT treatment that Flawless does when administering Biotulin.

Instead of having an FNT all over my faceI just requested my doctor to do it on a specific area. I asked her to do it around my eye area where wrinkles are deep and prominent.

Yes, Biotulin and FNT is safe around the eye area. It won’t hurt and surprisingly no redness unlike what I had for my entire face the first time I did it.


Biotulin experience



As you can see,no redness at all,I look fresh and shallower wrinkles.

What my partners says is that do not expect immediate results when you get such kind of trratreat.  Think of it as a future investment for your skin.  You may not see the difference now but you will thank yourself in the future for doing something now. I agree.

Biotulin experience

Biotulin can be requested at Flawless clinics in the country. You can have it every two weeks depending on the severity of wrinkles or once a month like me coz I still am lucky to look less wrinkly inspite of my age.  They can do it with three FNT treatments or just one and you can take home the entire bottle to use as an addition to your daily skin care routine.


Stay gorgeous everyone!

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