Adorable Designer Clothes For Kids

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Adorable Designer Clothes For Kids

What’s your say about spending for your kids clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories ?  Are you willing to splurge or your a practical shopper?

I asked because I found some adorable designer clothes for kids that are for sale online now and are included in their Holiday 2012 collection, that if my daughter was still my mini version I would have splurged on a piece or two the way I did years ago when she was smaller.  They make a perfect Christmas gift only if you think your kids will stay the same size as they are now until the next year or so, so as to make buying such expensive clothes for hem worth it.   If not , then just like me enjoy for your viewing pleasure only! WARNING: If you are a shopaholic turn away now. Looking at them will tempt you into buying!

Gucci Kids

Gucci Kids

Oshibana Print Dress, $485; Studded Leather Boots, $475;

Gucci Kids

Mustard Yellow Leather Biker jacket, $2,150; Interlocking-G Skinny Jean, $265; Coda Pop Hi-Top Sneaker, $295;

Gucci Kids

Color block Knit Dress, $395; Heart Wristlet, $245; Double G Ankle Strap Ballerina, $265;

Oscar Dela Renta Kids

Oscar dela Renta Children

Star Checked Tweed Jacket, $235; Navy Plaid Kilt, $155;

OcardelaRentacheckered dress

Checked Navy Taffeta Dress with Velvet Collar, $235; Sabrina Velvet Ballets, $145;
Red Plaid Silk Taffeta Gathered Sleeve Dress, $325; Sabrina Velvet Ballets, $145;

Oscar Dela Renta Children

Ivory Silk Taffeta Dress, $375; For similar styles, see

Dolce & Gabbana Kids


Silk Cherub Print Shift Dress, $280;

D&G Mini

Velvet Blazer, $360; Zigzag Button Down, $235; Charcoal Wool Scarf, $42; Denim Jeans, $250; Waxy Ankle Boots, $435;

Dolce & Gabbana



T-shirt, $85; Hoodie, $190; Messenger Bag, $160; Skinny Jeans, $156; Ballet Flats, $148;

armani Junior newborn dress

Bow Dress, $350; Ballet Flats, $101;

Marc Jacobs

Little Marc Jacobs

Floral Laser-Cut Faux Leather Dress, $762; Leather Mouse Flats, $184;


Lanvin Petite

White Techno Coat, $1,045; Lanvin New York (646-439-0380). Pom Pom Ballet Slipper, $390;


burberry childresn

Wool Blend Tweed Coat, $450; Striped Cotton and Silk Skirt, $695; Patent Leather Ballerinas, $210;


Check Detail Cotton T-Shirt, $60; Shoreditch Black Skinny Fit Jeans, $125; Wool Duffle Coat, $395; Faux Shearling Lined High-Top Trainers, $210;

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Wool Toggle Cape, $250; V-Neck Boyfriend Cardigan, $29.45; Pintucked Oxford Shirt, $35; Tartan Kilt, $100; Rugby Knee-Highs, $5; Alana Script Ballet Flat, $85;


Milly Mini

Tessa Trapeze Dress, $185;

Milly Mini

Pearl Collar Cardigan, $195-$215; Mindy Bow Skirt, $115-$135;

Milly Mini

Bridget Bowneck Sweater, $110-$125; Mackenzie Mini Skirt, $125-$140;


Young Versace

Pink Print Coat with Fur Trim, $828; Pitti Bimi (732-531-3676). Pink Printed Leggings, $104; Black Leather Boots, $381; Bel Bambini (310-855-9272)

Young Versace

Young Versace

Orange Fur Coat, $2,600; Piccolo Mondo (718-261-6771). Swirl-Print Leggings, $138; For similar styles, see Patent Slip-On Shoes, $193;


Missoni Girls

Fluido Scarf (with Hat set), $280; Turtleneck, $480; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Fluido Long Cardigan, $720; Fluido Purse, $210; Fluido Leggings, $350;
Headscarf, $95; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Dress, $720; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Handbag, $250; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Leggings, $300-$350; Missoni New York (212-517-9339)


Hat, $155; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Cardigan, $650; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Dress, $650; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Scarf, $310; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Leggings, $310; Missoni New York (212-517-9339)Hat, $135; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Dress, $710; Missoni New York (212-517-9339). Gloves, $125; Missoni New York (212-517-9339)

Roberto Cavali

Roberto Cavali

Silk Leopard Ruffle Dress, $635;
Patterned Button Down Shirt, $162; Jeans, $215; Bel Bambini (310-855-9272). Patterned Logo Hat, $90;

Armani Junior

Leopard Trench Coat, $620; Garage (480-556-6900). Leopard Print Hat, $127; Denim, $253; Little Angel (646-472-9546)

Now if you didn’t go sigh about this pretty little things and is now itching to get even just a piece for your little one’s I gotta hand it to you! But if you are don’t worry you are not alone!

So, which among the collection I just showed you tickled your fancy best! Btw, some offer designer clothes for new born up to 14 years old. Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Adorable Designer Clothes For Kids

  1. The kids look good with the clothes! Though I still do not have kids, I would love to dress them like those kids. They look cute and lovely.

  2. Woowwww! I envy these kids for wearing wonderful designer clothes.

    If only I have a lot of resources, I would want my little girl to have these dresses from MILLY.

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