12-12-12 Once In A Hundred Years

Nobody really knows who started the thing about having three similar numbers / dates of the year to be lucky. But all I know is when you get three of a kind when you are playing the slot machine games you hit Jackpot and you win a lot of cash and or prizes. If you can’t call that lucky then I don’t know what else is.

Anyway, 12-12-12 12:12am and 12-12-12 12:12pm only happens every 100 years. If I will be alive a hundred years from now then I must be lucky or immortal by then hahhaha! All I know is I was lucky to be able to freeze both times and I call myself one of the luckiest person ever to be able to capture the exact time at the exact date! I wasn’t waiting for it to happen but it was all by chance.

12-12-12 12:12am I was about to go to sleep saying my good night to the people on my social network I was talking with when I glanced at the time on my lappy! Hey! I hit print screen immediately!

12-12-12 12:12am I made a wish

12-12-12 12:12pm I was at the press conference of Hi-5 at Hyatt Hotel, I was taking a photo of the stage when I saw the time on my Tablet! Hi-5 was here in Manila for their concert at the SM MOA Centerstage. My daughter love this group, she always watch them on TV. If you have kids at home you know them, they are the group of talented individuals from Australia who aims to bring out the creativity in every child.

12-12-12 12:12pm with Tim of Hi-5

If I can’t call myself lucky for that then I don’t know what lucky is. There’s not too many people who were able to realize that it was the 12th month, 12th day of a 12th year of a century, at the 12 minutes pass 12 high noon or midnight!

If you can’t call being with amazing people, popular celebrities in fact on this day lucky, I don’t want to know how to be unlucky! Haha!


Tim of Hi-5 is a cutie, he was so sweet too and very very nice (smile, scent and body!) Lucky me! Haha!

group shot with Hi-5

A funny group shot with the Hi-5 !

with Ana Gonzalez

I also hang-out with Ana Gonzalez of Anagon while waiting for our 7pm appointment, it was a nice bonding time with her.

with my fave bloggers Hannah and Nikki

With two of my favorite bloggers Hanna Villasis of Flair Candy and Nikki Tiu of Ask Me Whats


With the Nuffnang family after the dinner at Enderun Colleges.

How about you how was your 12-12-12 ? What were you doing! I hope you had a blast too!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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