Top 3 Best of Batanggas Food at Lipa City’s Pinaka-Panalong Delicacy Cook-off Festival

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Top 3 Best of Batanggas Food at Lipa City’s Pinaka-Panalong Delicacy Cook-off Festival

It looks like all roads leads to Batanggas for me. Just after the recent trip to the province the other day, I went in for another this time to try out the best dishes Batanggas has to offer. The Lipa City’s “Pinaka-Panalong” Delicacy showcases Batanggas Best Food Forward at a cook-off held at the BellaVita Compound in the city.

The festive event was conceptualized to boost Lipa City’s tourism by showcasing what the place has to offer aside from being known for its beaches for beach bums and maintains for mountaineers. Batanggas is also a must-see destination for foodies and gourmands as well.

The Top 3 Best of Lipa Delicacy highlighted in the event were Lomi, Crispi Pata and Suman! The food were showcased via cook-off by some of the best restaurants in Lipa City serving the said dishes for years now. Each cook-off participant had different interpretation but all of them are very pleasing to the tummy!

Lipa City's Pinaka-panalong Delicacy

Take for example the Lomi we sampled there, one was prepared the traditional way and it definitely taste like the homegrown Lipa City Batanggas Lomi,

Best Batanggas Lomi

The other was prepared in the most unique way, the Sizzling Lomi

Batanggas Sizzling Lomi

Then the winner of the day was, and my most favorite of all was Hazels Lomi which kinda had the taste of an egg-drop soup with the sweetness and saltyness blended perfectly.

And then there was a parade of Crispy Pata, that honestly, I cannot distinguish one from the other. It takes a lot of time to make this so the participants were kinda pressed for time, so they have pre-made Crispy Pata for tasting instead. Which if you are a lover of this dish you know that when the its prepared an hour or more the crispiness disappears. It was kind difficult to judge the pata for the cripy factor but then they all are good in my book. It’s in the sauce!

Lipa City's Pinaka-panalong Delicacy Batanggas Best Crispy Pata

Of course after sampling the main dishes, we go for the dessert, Suman! I can only recall the three suman I tried. One has soft and semi sweet taste which how I want my suman. Then there’s this one that is kinda more compressed with bigger rice grains. Then the other one is like suman fingerlings because of the size and served with an ube side dib. All suman is perfect to dip in sugar, peanut butter or any other jams and jellies you can think off, paired with the best Kapeng Barako in Batanggas, glorious.

Lipa City's Pinaka-panalong Delicacy Batanggas Suman with Kapeng Barako

The food festival happened same time as the blessing of BellaViata model homes in Lipa, which gave us an idea of what a socialized housing development via BellaVita Land Corp (owned by Ayala Land Inc) looks like.

Compared to other low-cost housing development we know, and according to what the law allows, instead of 23 rows of houses, BellaVita will only build 10 rows each. What amazes me with these row houses was you can actually buy combined units to have a bigger home. Each unit is around 23sqm and you can acquire one for as low as Php2,500 a month or Php450,000 in cash.

BellaVita BatanggasBellaVita Batanggas

If you are thinking of moving away from the city and have limited budget or just want another property to acquire then you might want to check out BellaVita in Lipa . For more inquiries visit or BellavitaLandCorp on Facebook.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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