My Epic Moment with Sarah Jessica Parker the Fashion Icon and New Face of SM Store

My Epic Moment with Sarah Jessica Parker the Fashion Icon and New Face of SM Store

Yesterday was one of my most epic day to date because I finally met one of the world’s fashion icon and Hollywood A-Lister Sarah Jessica Parker up-close and personal. I was able to shook her hand and hug her tight and had a few exchanges with her. Thanks to SM Aura Premiere opening day (May 15, 2013) for inviting her to come to the Philippines and become the new face of SM Store! Yes,  Ms. SJP she is SM Store’s brand ambassador now! How cool can SM and the Philippines get by having such one of the Hollywood A-Lister endorse a Filipino mall right?

Met Sarah Jessica Parker
L-R:  Fellow bloggers Annalyn Jusay, me (Earth Rullan), Sarah Jessica Parker, blogger Rod Magaru and Azrael Coladilla
Anyway, my epic moment with Sarah Jessica Parker started at The SM Store beauty department at the Upper Ground floor of SM Aura Premiere. All the VIP guests and invited media were waiting for her arrival and to do the ribbon cutting ceremony there. I was lucky to get two invites happening at SM Aura Premiere opening . One was from Prestige Brands Philippines who launched Fau di Fendi Eau Fraiche , a new fragrance carried by Fendi (yes they don’t just sell leather goods) and two a press conference for Ms. SJP.

I was in SM Aura by 3Pm event with Fendi was 3Pm to 5PM luckily the had the best spot in the SM Store. They tried to cordon everyone away from the hallways so SJP can have a good look of the goods but unfortunately for her and SM everyone was excited to see her and they can’t hold the crowd like that. Yes, even VIP’s composed of CEO’s, the bosses you look up to in executive section of all the companies and brands you can find in SM can turn jologs too.

SJP’s arrival even-out the status of everyone in there, no rich, no middle-class, no CEO or saleslady. Everyone was simply a fan! That was good to know!  Everyone followed her wherever she goes trying to get a good picture of her.  But since I left my camera my mission was to get her autograph!

Stalker Mode 1: As an ordinary guest and super fan
You may call me stoopid or just plain super excited to see SJP.  I made a major booboo, I left my cellphone cum camera at home. So any chance of capturing her image on my device was out of my mission. All I have was my SATC2 movie ticket and shirt, my mission for the day is to have her sign them, by hook or by crook! Haha!

pardon the crop Azrael I just want to highlight that I was close to SJP
Epic Moment 1:
I was one of those who followed her wherever she goes. My first opportunity to have her sign my SATC memorabilia was at a top on the 2nd level. SJP already hold the tip of my pen, but one of her security detail pushed it away and said NO! “No, autographs pls! Maybe later!” he said. SJP who was all game to sign my ticket was very apologetic with what just happened and said. “Oh, I’m very sorry. But I am so delighted to meet you!“. Aaaaaaaah! She talked to me!

Stalker Mode 2: As a Member of the Philippine Media
That did not discourage me to got have SJP a.k.a. Carrie Bradshaw of SATC sign my thingamajigs for me. I realized I can’t do it as an ordinary fan/person. I have my second chance as a member of the Philippine Media/ Press. I hurriedly went to the venue where the press conference for SJP will happen. Sat on the second row middle-isle behind the editors of the creme-of-the-crop fashion editors in the Philippines, most of them I knew and I am a fan of, but at that moment my focus was SJP, the rest can just fade away for now. I was focused. We all waited for an hour before SJP came out and the pressconference started. Unfortunately we were told that she will not sign anything it was just a Q&A presscon not a meet and greet. Phooey!

Epic Moment 2:
Azrael of Azrael’s Merryland, our blogger coordinator for SM was seated behind me at the presscon. He told me our contact at SM, the one who invited us in the event, sent a text message and told him he can give us a chance to have a meet-and-greet opportunity with SJP.  My heart skipped a beat! Finally this is gonna happen.

Stalker Mode 3: As a VIP!
We were escorted by the SM people to where we can get that chance to talk to SJP and have a photo opp with her. 2 escorts in the back, 2 in the front. Now this is it! Being an ordinary fan won’t cut the line neither does being a media person. The only way to get my memorabilia’s signed and have a photo op with Ms. SJP was to have that VIP status! We followed her at the party at the SMX Convention Hall at SM Aura Premiere (yes they have an SMX Hall there too!) Oops we arrived a minute too late SJP was called to the stage to give a toast and headed back stage and down. With our escorts we followed her again with our escorts from SM guiding us. Ah! This is it!

Epic Moment 3:


At the SM Prestige Lounge there was a long line waiting to have a chance with SJP. Our escorts were soooooo good and accommodating and they love us! Yay! They cut the line for us. Called my name and told me to call my blogger companions/friends with me. We were seated at sofa SJP is just 2 meters away entertaining SM Execs/fans. Then we were called!

SJP road manager was surprised to see us. He asked who we are and from which entity or company we are from. Our escort said they are bloggers. “Bloggers of What?” he said. They are our favorite bloggers and they will exclusively blog about this event and the arrival of Ms. SJP. “Ah, OK!”.

Right away, as soon as Ms. SJP was looking at me, I asked her again. “Will you please sign my ticket and shirt please?” Her security detail said no again. But SJP was the sweetest kindest superstar I’ve met and said. “Awww. Stop that. Come here gimmme that!” So I hurriedly went to her side. “Do you have a pen?” she asked. Of course I have and gave her my pen (yes I was prepared). “Oh, I love your pen, its so smooth!” while signing my movie ticket. The I gave her my shirt. She even asked Rod of the Rod Magaru show for his SM Aura Premiere ID (coz she thought it was another memorabilia we wanted signed!) Super coolness! Haha. Then we had a photo op with SM official photographer and with Azrael’s camera.

When our time was up. My companions bid goodbye shook hands and she said. “Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I am very honored.” SJP said. When it was my turn to shake her hand. I asked her if I can give her a hug. She said “Oh sure!” We had a super tight hug like we are friends who haven’t seen each other for awhile. I felt her sincere and genuine hug. I am super super super happy!

I know this story was super long. But that’s how happy I am and I want to write every detail of what transpired in this epic moment I had with Sarah Jessica Parker, the fashion icon and the new face of SM Store. I super love you Ms. SJP! Thank you for being here in the Philippine and thank you for being you! Thank you again SM Aura Premiere and Jason Alvarez of SM for this opportunity to meet and icon!

For those who love to shop, you may do so now at SM Aura Premiere and experience a different kind of shopping!

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Stay gorgeous everyone!


P.S. Thanks again Azrael Colladilla for the photo with SJP.   Please wait for more photos from Azrael of me during the event since I didn’t have a cam!  

19 thoughts on “My Epic Moment with Sarah Jessica Parker the Fashion Icon and New Face of SM Store

  1. thanks Lea! 🙂 this is one of my best fashion and blogging moment! 🙂

  2. Wow! I had to admit I am envious that you’ve had a chance to meet Sarah Jessica Parker! And another wow for having her as the new face of SM, great job for them! I can imagine her sweet and merry voice like in Sex and the City. Ah, you lucky gal! Great blog!

  3. True sis Ro! she is so humble and I didn’t feel an air of superstardomness in her. the funniest thing was that the super sikat here in Pinas was there so just to get a photo op with her or just to see her she evened-out the status on her arrival!

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