Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick Rare Red (C401) Review & Swatches

One of the makeup item you can easily take out of your purse for an immediate boost of confidence is lipstick. The best shade for power and seduction at the same time is red. Just the other day, I got a package from Avon Philippines, it was their Christmas present for me that got delayed in sending because of the hustle and bustle of the season. There are so many nice items in that package but one of the items that was eager to try immediately was the Avon Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick Rare Red.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick Rare Red
Product Info
The Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick is one of their limited collection. This lipstick will create lips that are glistening with perfection. This lipstick is enriched with tiny gemstones to maintain a glossy appearance that allows you to wear the shine of crystals on your lips.

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick Rare Red

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick Rare Red

Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick Rare Red swatches
On My Lips

5 Things I love about the Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Pink Crystal Lipstick Rare Red:

  1. I love the shade. It is definitely a rare shade of red that I can’t find anywhere else because it is infused with micro-crystals that makes the lipstick glisten.
  2. Color pay-off is great, one swipe and you get a nice color.  Swipe some more and you get that lovely shade of classy red shade. 
  3. The lipstick is easy to apply as it glides easily on the lips.  Not sticky or clumpy but very moist. 
  4. Because of the cool weather,my lips kind got chapped and dry.  Some lipstick would make the drying and chapping much worst.  I was surprised that  it moisturized my lips and chapping is not that bad anymore.   And I only used this last night!
  5. I love the packaging .  Kinda like silver and pink metallic ombre effect.   

What not to like about this lipstick

  • Since it is a high gloss finish lipstick expect it not to be a long wearing lipstick.
  • It easily transfer and smudge and melt on a hot and humid climate.
  • Because of the high glitter you may not want to use this as an everyday lipstick

Do I recommend this?
Despite the cons of this lipstick I will still recommend it because of the rare shade of red and the ultra moisture it gives on the lips. You can use this as everyday lipstick if you are the bold and daring one. But because of the glistening effect you might want to use this as a special occasion lipstick.

How about you, have you tried any of the shades of this Ultra Moisture Lipstick?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Author

    hi Mrs Kolca, the daughter saw it when I wasn’t looking she took it and swiped all over her face! Gone in 60 seconds! waaaaaaaaaah 🙁

  2. Nice shade. Hey, I read the whole post but still don’t get it. How come it’s gone is 60 seconds? May na-overlook ata ako? :/

  3. Hi Ms. Earth! I would like to ask if how much is this lipstick cost? I like the shade and I’m planning to buy one. Thank You! 😉

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