Keeping their commitment to give their customers better choices for a better life, Healthy Options will now offer organic vegetables, pork, chicken and eggs in their stores starting this year (2013).   This is also their way to show their support to small organic farmers who practice the healthy, humane and sustainable way of farming.

organic produce vegies

Mr.Romy Sia, Amanda Griffin-Jacobs @ Healthy Options event t E-Bar


At a grand launch held at E-Bar at EDSA Shangri-la Hotel, the organically grown food products at 2 hectare organic farm nestled at the foot of Mt. Banahow  were showcased via delicious cocktails, dinner buffet and a fashion show.  According to Mr. Romy Sia, Healthy Options managing director, all of the models who strutted the runway last night underwent an organic diet for about 1 week.  Enticing!

Daniel Matsunaga, Hideo Muraoka, and Vanessa Matsunaga was included in the models at the mini-fashion show with a running theme of life in the farm! The backyardigans! Tee hee!  I personally enjoyed the show as two of my favorite Brapanese models were there!

Daniel Matsunaga at Healthy Options E-Bar event

Hideo Muraoka at Healthy Options E-Bar event

Healthy Options event at E-Bar EDSA shangri-la

organika fashion show :)

Healthy Options also showcased livestock-raising in an environment that cultivates their natural behavior. Their free range chickens can run around and forage for food, and are fed with whole grains, ogranic vegetable trimmings, and wild bugs and insects. The pigs eat an all-natural diet of rice bran, duck weed, compra meal, fruits and vegetables and are raised in odor-free pens, with soft bedding made of soil, sawdust and carbonized rice hull. The stress-free environment allows natural instincts like foraging and scratching.

This is also the reason why organically grown food produce are much costly than the industrial farm grown food produce because everything is done by hand and nature depended. While industrial grown produce use synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organism (GMOs) on crops and steroids, growth hormones, sub-therapeutic doses of anti-biotics and synthetic trace supplements on animals. Most commercial farms lso practice mono-cropping which leads to higher pest attacks, use additives to hasten production , and cram poultry and livestock in very tight, unsanitary spaces that expose them to stress and disease.

It was great to see health conscious celebrities and friends who attended the event last night.

With Isabel Daza and Georgina Wilson


With Patty Laurel-Filart.


And of course won’t miss the night without a photo with Daniel my love haha :p

Bagay kami diba? Hi @danielmatsunaga nice to see u again :)

So, if I were you I will visit a Healthy Options store now and try out the good food grown the good way!

Oh! Don’t forget to grab one of their EgoBag with super cute text on it . Reuse Me, Abuse Me but never Refuse Me! 🙂

Healthy Options Ecobag

Stay gorgeous everyone!