I have to confess, even if they have said they have been in the women’s intimate apparel business for 50 years, this was the first time I have heard about Lady Grace Intimates brand and I was very frank at admitting that during the Intimate Event held at Luxent Hotel when I asked why is their brand so “cheap” compared to others.  If you didn’t know (like I did) their undergarments price range is at Php249.00 and above!  An unimaginable price for a quality women’s underwear.

Well, relieved to learn that Lady Grace was not so aggressive with advertising and promotions, no wonder I am not familiar with the brand.  It was great to know about them now and their openness for advertising, in fact they got Diana Meneses as their first celebrity endorser, whom they say embody the woman that their brand represent.  A woman of confidence, smart, fun and achiever.

Lady Grace An Intimate Affair Press Launch
I love what I saw at the mini-fashion show they held yesterday where they featured the brands latest ShapeWear Series.

Diana Meneses was wearing the Sports Bra.

Diana Meneses for Lady Grace Intimates
Hip and Butt Enhancers for those who are not so plump buttocks and shapely hips

Lady Grace Intimates Shapewear Hip and Butt Enhancers
Cami Shaper, Body Shaper, Legs and Tummy Shapers for those who have problem with love bulges and fats

Lady Grace Intimates Shapewear Series
They also have Binders, Breast Enhancers and Seamless Panties for a sexy you!

Lady Grace Intimates event at Luxent Hotel
They gave all of the guest at the event a pair of the Sports Bra and Seamless Panties and it was in Free Size! It was my first time to try out a free size bra and I was surprised that it actually fits. It feels snug and comfy. The fabric feels like second sin as well. I am impressed and with that I will definitely go and buy their undergarments. Like what I said earlier price range is so affordable! Php299.00 and up!
Lady Grace Intimates Free Size sports bra!

Lady Grace Intimates is available at all SM Department Store nationwide!

How about you, have you tried Lady Grace undergarments before?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


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    Hi Nancy, I’ll get back to you on this ok. They said they distribute worldwide 🙂

  2. would like to know what store in jacksonville florida carries grace panties thanks

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