Shop For Zalora “Gold Picks” Get Free Nescafe GOLD 3in1

Just think of it as shopping like a superstar.   Imagine yourself sitting on a comfy couch or a lazy boy perhaps inside your favorite shop/boutique.  Salespersons come one-by-one bringing in hot new items from their racks and even items that are for exclusive view of VIP customers that you can choose from. While effortlessly “shopping” they serve coffee and pastries on the side.

Did you enjoy that scene? I bet you did!

Well, shopping at Zalora feels just the same.

Shop while you’re sitting comfy as when you’re at home or at the office or anywhere you do your online shopping.  Browse the items from the category you want Women’s or Mens, Accessories, Home and Living, Sport or Beauty.  I suggest you buy from the Gold Picks Section so you can get a free Nescafe GOLD 3in1 doypack upon check out.  While choosing for items you want you may grab a snack from your home pantry.


You don’t need to worry about minimum purchases, as you can get a free Nescafe GOLD 3in1 doypack regardless.  However, if you buy Php1,000.00 worth of items from the Gold Picks section, you automatically get a Php500.00 worth of voucher from Zalora and yes your free coffee!

The best part about shopping at Zalora is that expect to get your order in a day or two after purchase if you are from Metro Manila.   I always get my order within the 24 hour wait after my purchase.  It’s that amazing!

Btw, Nescafe GOLD offers 3in1 coffee that is perfect for those who wish to upgrade their coffee beverage to a richer, more satisfying taste because Nescafe believes that the consumers deserves to savor premium coffee anytime, anywhere!

So, what are you waiting for shop for Zalora Gold Picks items now and get the free Nescafe GOLD 3in1 coffee mix!

Stay gorgeous everyone!



  1. Yay for Zalora and NESCAFE Gold 3in1 tie up!

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