What I wore: Cap: NEW ERA CAP Shirt: UNIQLO Overalls: STRADIVARIUS Shoes: ZALORA Berry shade Lipsticks: SHUEUMURA and REVLON Taken at: Colegio de San Antonio Makati Taken by: Rodel Flordeliz of NognogintheCity    How to wear overalls without looking like a child? If you are tiny like me. Don’tContinue Reading

I’m sure ypu have heard thay Cara Delevigne, the British supermodel and It-Girl is the latest Brand Ambassador of Penshoppe. And I am sure ypu are drooling over those must-have pieces she wore on her billboard and campaign posters but rarely have time to drop by a store. Well, fretContinue Reading

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, biting everyone of the love bug. Singles are being reminded that they don’t have that significant other to do special things for them or for them to do something special with or to. Ergo being labeled as loveless. Isn’t that a cruel descriptionContinue Reading