Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33 Amino-Fill 33 Review

I saw my face, now I’m a believer! Who needs surgery when you got this product in your hands! – Earthlingorgeous

I’m sure most of you who signed-up using the link I provided at my teaser post about the  Avon Anew Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33 Amino-Fill 33 (Anew A-F33) last month have gotten their free 28-day sample by now.  I’m sure you have tried it out as well as soon as you got it, like I have.   It has been more than 28 days for me since I used the A-F33 and here is my verdict!

Avon Anew Clinical A-F33
Product Info

Anew A-F33 uses  or  Amino Fill 33, an exclusive breakthrough product by Avon considered as the new gold standard in anti-aging.  Unlike other leading anti-aging ingredients, it is designed to intercept collagen blocking and help released untapped collagen.   This can spark collagen production in just 72 hours, resulting to faded look of deep wrinkles in a matter of one week – and all without having to go through surgery!  Clinical study showed 100% improvement in fine wrinkles after 2 weeks, and 33% improvement in deep wrinkles after 11 weeks!

Avon Anew Clinical A-F33

Avon Anew Clinical A-F33 Pro Line Corrector
What I think of it?

  • I love that it gets easily absorbed by the skin.
  • It’s not greasy and sticky.
  • I love the fresh scent.
  • My skin got tighter, even my derma can attest to how tight  my skin has become and how my pores got smaller!
  • IT WORKS LIKE MAGIC!  I don’t need to go through surgery to stretch my face and get rid of my wrinkles!  Take a close look at my photos .  I took the before photo 28 days ago , I got less lines under my eye area.   Look closely to the pic.  Before it was about 5 fine lines and after using it for 28 days, I only have 4 lines and the other deep lines got shallower! Amazing!

lesser lines in 28 days

Do I recommend this product?

Absolutely.  It’s a no brainer especially for those who have problematic wrinkly face.  If you want your face to become smoother and have your deep wrinkles get shallower then use this product.  I was not thinking much about the effect at first but when I saw the photo comparison it was a miracle indeed!   I can’t wait to use it for 11 weeks and maybe get wrinkle free by then?  Let’s see!

How about you, have you tried Avon’s Anew Clinicl Pro Line Corrector A-F33 yet?  How was it for you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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