SM Kids Fashion Summer 2013 Collection Launch

I feel envious and happy at the same time knowing that kids fashion in the country has stepped into a higher level.   Gone are the days when we are stuck into wearing those itchy lace dresses or matching outfit with our siblings because mom dresses us up the way they want us to.  Kids these days now know what they want and speak up.  They definitely know how to express themselves with the way they dress up.

Yesterday, SM Kids Fashion launched their Summer 2013 Collection with a pool party at the Dusit Hotel in Makati where the SM Kids Fashion Styling Team showed off their individuality wearing pieces from the collection with the help of mom and image consultant Ms. Patty Betita.

SM Kids Fashion image consultant Patty Betita
Here are the pieces put together by SM junior style team:

Oh yes my dear, those are kids, well, tweeners actually but still kids, aged 11-14 years old. Kids these days, they’re getting bigger and bigger by the day! I actually bought one of those top with the bag design, yes I’m that petite it fits me but it doesn’t fit my daughter! Booo! Haha!

The event was hosted by Ms. Issa Litton who was wearing pieces from the SM Ladies Fashion Summer 2013 Collection

SM Kids Fashion pool party with Ms Issa Litton

With Ms. Jo Dy Juanco, Vice President of SM Kids Fashion wearing SM Ladies Fashion dress

SM Kids Vice President Jo Dy Juanco
Anyway, I got my daughter some pieces from the collection:

IMG_20130213_180945SM Kids Fashion
Thanks SM Kids and ARC Public Relations for the invite and the lovely stuff for my Tasha 🙂

SM Kids Fashion Hello Kitty

If I were you I’ll head on to SM and buy pieces from the Kids Department, some are actually adult friendly because they’re really affordable and maybe you buy something you can borrow from your daughter hahaha!

Btw, the junior stylist with Ms. Patty will hold Style Lab at SM Malls nationwide you may check SM Kids Fashion Facebook page for more details about this.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. You’re so lucky mother Earth coz you can still fit into kids clothing! You and Tasha can share clothes. =)

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