Intimate Lunch with Luke Landrigan & Luke Jickain Nisce Superblock Brand Ambassadors

On a hot summer day like we have lately, it is more comfortable to go out wearing less clothes that reveal more skin than the usual. However, doing such will expose us to the damaging rays of the sun. Nisce Skin ‘n Face ambassadors Luke Landrigan and Luke Jickain joined us for an intimate lunch last April 30, 2013 and gave us a couple of pointers on how to keep a summer ready body.

Luke Jickain, Zsa Salazar and Luke Landrigan

According to surfer champ Luke Landrigan, the Nisce Superblock SPF 80 is his sports buddy whenever he goes surfing at his favorite beach in San Juan, La Union. He said he loves that this sunblock is waterproof and doesn’t make his surfboard slippery unlike other sunblock out there.

Nisce Superblock 80

Meanwhile celebrity model Luke Jickain said he used the Nisce Superblock during the taping of Boracay Bodies and he loves how this sunblock keeps him protected from the sun round-the-clock! He loves how this sunblock is non-greasy and doesn’t make his face look oily while wearing it.

Aside from the Nisce Superblock SPF 80, both Lukes agree that to keep a chiseled body like theirs, plain exercise won’t just do the trick. They said there are just areas in the body that won’t get as toned as you want it to be by just exercising. Luke Jickain said that the non-surgical slimming radio frequency contour helped him maintain his well contoured and shaped body. . Nisce Non-Surgical Slimming Radio Frequency Contour is guaranteed safe, painless and gentle that provides a natural look. RF helps increase metabolism and flash out fatty-fluids.

Nisce Skin 'N Face

After sharing their secret, we had a fun and friendly flirty game with the Lukes. One was a pick-up line game where my pick-up line was a hit with the men haha!

Luke Landrigan, Earthlingorgeous and Luke Jickain
Me: Summer ka ba?
Lukes: Bakit?
Me: Eh kasi you make me hot all day!
fun games at Nisce event

It was nice that the event was very intimate so we were able to enjoy the day. Another game was the fastest to remove the clothes pin on the men. That was a shocking hot game with lots of touching! Lucky ladies! Haha!

Here’s our yummy late lunch at Eskimo Bob! I super love their epic Halo-Halo!

Eskimo Bob yummy food!
and some of my blogger loves at the event: Arnie, Ana and Celline.

my blogger loves
Luke Landrigan and Luke Jickain favorite blogger

And then there was a mini-awarding thingy where Luke Landrigan and Luke Jickain choose me as their favorite fun flirty blogger of the day! Yay! Hahaha! Kate won as Nisce choice because of her summery attire (damn didn’t get a pic with her!).

It was indeed a fun fun intimate event. I’ll tell you my personal review about the Nisce Sunblock in the days to come.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

Oh! I met Luke Landrigan in 2009 when he taught me how to surf at his surfing school in San Juan, Launion!  Here’s our moments (haha)!

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