Child Friendly Nail Salon: Mich & Myl Nail Salon SM Fairview

Last Friday, I took my daughter to a foot spa treat at Mich & Myl Nails at SM City Fairview. The place is new I believe as there was a different beauty store in there before if I remember it right. Anyway, the one that lured me in was the huge signage that said “Children and Men Allowed!”.  

So we went in and I asked for the Milk and Calamansi Foot Spa for my daughter and a Manicure with NailArt for me.

We were seated together of course and were given each a hot bean bag the daughter loved playing with it.

Right away, my daughter seated comfortably inside. Me on the left Tasha on the right

This is actually Tasha’s first foot spa in a salon ever so I was excited documenting it while I’m having my nails done too! Haha! Don’t worry she’s 11 and she badly needed it. Plus I got the natural treatment for her that’s good for her Milk and Calamansi!


Buffed and Srubbed


I skipped giving her the pedicure as her feet I think is too young to have that. The soaking, scrubbing and massage is alright as she badly needed it.

What I think of Mich & Myl Nails?

  • I love the concept of the salon that allows kids and their men in there. With such disclosure all salon goers are forewarned that there can be kids in and expect the unexpected if ever such as noise and restlessness from the kids.
  • Upon inspection of my daughter’s feet as we got home, I saw that the callouses I’ve been trying to remove from her feet myself was gone. Yay!
  • I love the Foot Spa treat they gave my daughter, it was the Calamansi and Milk.  I saw my daughter was calm and relaxed and she seemed like enjoying it even if she had a few scream and giggles (which she normally does out-of-the-blue)

child friendly salon

Do I recommend Mich & Myl Nail Salon at SM Fairview?

Yes! I’m not sure if their other branch allows kids in their salon but at SM Fairview they do and I give them a thumbs up for that!  Usually moms go to a nail salon to have her me time. Time away from the kids, the house chores and just relax and be treated as a princess. But most of the time, one of the main reasons moms don’t go to a salon is that they feel guilty about leaving their kids for a few hours alone. Most salon would not allow kids in as they are loud and restless. Which is pretty much understandable. I hate when kids just go berserk and loud when I’m having my me time in a nail salon from time to time, as much as I understand why the mom have the kid with her it’s just that there are places they are allowed to be in and there are places they are not. But as a common courtesy to your fellow salon goers who want some rest and relaxation, dealing with loud restless kids is not in their consideration when they went there to have their nail treat.  I’m glad to have found a child friendly salon their staff are kid friendly too. Tasha screamed and giggled in some instances, even lay on the couch we are in but they are all friendly and accommodating. None of them gave that look I despise which feels good!

I’ll be back! Now that I have this indulgence card too!

How about you, have you tried Mich & Nail Salon?  How was your experience?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. This is a nice bonding moment for mother and daughter. I hope they allow little girls too for a foot spa or even foot massage. My daughter will surely be delighted like Tasha. =)

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