What I Wore That Day: Lucky Stripes (WIWTD #8)

Usually I would not dare go out on a rainy day.  I just don’t like to be stuck in traffic and get myself wet.  I’m not a fan of rain. But I was feeling good and excited that day that the rain did not stop me from attending to a meeting midday and a big launch event.   Just to make sure  that the rain won’t touch my skin, I wore tights, long sleeved top and plastic closed shoes.

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes

Ooops I did it again! Yes, no decent outfit shots! All I have a fun shots of me with people and characters that made me all warm and fussy inside despite the bad bed weather!

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes
A fun bunch we aren’t we!

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes
How could I have time for an OOTD when it’s more fun to be in a group shot!

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes
Or a foursome!

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes
Threesome perhaps?

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes
Or just be with a good friend!

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes
But really what made me named this outfit Lucky Stripes is this

A group shop with the Kakao Talk Philippines executive, characters and brand ambassadors.

Why was I on stage with them you say?

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes
Well, I’m just the sole winner of a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S4! Yes sole winner and I didn’t even know I won until they shout out my name! Kewl eh? Sarah Geronimo picked the number from the fishbowl of numbers. I was number 124 fortunately! I’m just glad they have a list or else I really wouldn’t know I was 124 I didn’t even remember anyone from the registration giving me a number stub!

WIWTD: Lucky Stripes

What I wore:
Longsleeves: Romwe
Designer Skinnies from Zalora Philippines by Firetrap
Shoes from Zalora PHilippines by Scarlet
Bag: Bellissima Firenze

Oh yes, aside from skinny jeans I love tights they’re so comfy to wear!

I believe there are clothes we wear that makes our day even much better like it attracts the good vibes.  I think this skinny tights and long sleeve are on the list of my lucky clothes.

How about you do you have lucky clothes too?  What are they and what made them lucky for you?

Stay gorgeous everyone!



  1. Ang swerte mo talaga sa mga raffle. Congrats!

  2. WOW! DOUBLE WOW! Congrats for winning that brand new S4!!! 🙂 I don’t have a lucky dress 😀 hahaha

  3. wow, congrats Miss Earth! you really are lucky! love your skinnies 🙂

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