I want to be your favorite hello and your hardest goodbye. Hello is the most powerful word against loneliness. A simple Hello could lead to a million things. Busy is just an excuse. Go pick up the phone dial that number. Have a conversation about life, plans to meet up soonContinue Reading

Hay, ang Christmas season parang Valentine’s day lang, lagi kang kinukurot at pinapaalalahanan laluna kung single ka parin or maging single forever lang ang choice mo. Kaya ako, eto ang drama ko ngayon Pasko. My love Where are you? I’m falling so endlessly Like I always do My hollow heartContinue Reading

And when you spiral through the atmosphere All they see is motion They never see the tears, they never feel the pain They always think it’s nothing but it’s something, such a shame So caught up in the fantasy, humanity has made a love story out of tragedy But thereContinue Reading

Okay, this is an uber late #WIWTD post. I lost track and I actually though I have poated about my Music Festival outfit already but I did not. So here it is, what I wore at one of the most epic Music Festival in the Philippines to date — theContinue Reading