What’s Inside A Kinder Joy?

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What’s Inside A Kinder Joy?

There is always the element of excitement when we receive something new be it a gift or something we bought. The hype when Kinder Joy finally arrived in the Philippines was everywhere and everyone was excited to see what’s inside a Kinder Joy. Well, here it is, well at least one of the four “eggs” I opened…

What's Inside a Kinder Joy

It basically looks like an egg and you break it in half like this.

Inside a Kinder Joy

Half part is the surprise treat of yummy creamy chocolate, Ferrero chocolate swimming in cream chocolate gooo.

the treat inside a Kinder Joy

Ferrero chocolate inside a Kinder Joy

Other part is a surprise toy, you just wouldn’t know what kind of toy it is. Some toys can be assembled with matching instruction manual on how to use and how to assemble.

what surprise to find in a kinder joy?

a toy inside the Kinder Joy

I got four Kinder Joy but was only able to open one of them, the rest was opened by my daughter. Seeing the joy and the light in her eyes when she was opening the Kinder Joy is priceless!

the joy when a kid opens a Kinder Joy? priceless

I got to meet Kinderoo, Kinder Joy’s mascot at their event last Saturday at SM MOA

with Kinderoo at Kinder Joy launch Manila

With fellow blogger Jackie Go and her cute daughter Gabbie

Kinder Joy launch at SM MOA

You can get a Kinder Joy at supermarkets and 7-11 nationwide and is sold at Php42.00 each.

how much is a Kinder Joy Philippines

Have you opened one yet? What did you get?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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