What I Wore That Day: Travel Back In Time (WIWTD #8)

In the end,the good overweight’s the bad.

Today was just a fabulous day. In spite of the horrible horrible traffic, and my aching body from a long long tiring day. I had a contract signed and a fun photo shoot with The Great Gatsby as our theme taking us back to the 1920’s at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

#OOTD the great gatsby
#ootd the great gatsby
#OOTD the great gatsby
#ootd the great gatsby
#ootd the great gatsby
#OOTD the great gatsby

What I wore:
Dress by Eric Santos
Shoes by SM Parisian
Accessories by Aisa Ipac
Hair and Makeup by Madhouse Manila

#ootd the great gatsby
#OOTD #WIW the great gatsby
If you are wondering why we had this Great Gatsby themed shoot. This is for the 6th Bloggers United Bazaar #BU6 happening in December in cooperation with the World Bazaar!

This is just a teaser.

Stay tuned for the read deal shoot by Madhouse Manila!

Bloggers United an Interactive Shopping Affair
World Bazaar Festival
Madhouse Manila

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  1. Hi Earth.. love ur blog about 1920s. I live to know a store tgat sells 1920s inspired dresses that you wore. Thanks much!!

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