How to Help Rebuild Heritage Sites In Bohol and Cebu Philippines

As soon as I saw the destruction cause by that 7.9 earthquake in Cebu and Bohol, I almost wanna fly there and do something to help.  But then again with the non-stop aftershocks right after, about 1,000 plus aftershocks have been recorded as of today, I was wondering what can we do to help rebuild Cebu and Bohol as the destruction continue because of the sudden jolts happening in the area. Aside from the deaths from this natural calamity, it pains me a lot to see beautiful structures and architectural sites that are not just buildings but landmarks of culture, art, and history of the country. Most of them now are ashes and nothing more but a part of a beautiful memory. It is very very sad.

The Philippines National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) said it will take years to rebuild these national treasures, the Churches built in the Spanish Era This is not about religion, as our heritage and race should keep us all together to help rebuild our country’s treasure and preserve it for the children of the future.

Cebu Bohol 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake Damages

As of today there are 9 churches destroyed by the earthquake.  The photo above shows 6 of the churches / heritage sites that were ruined latest report shows that Loboc Church is almost flat-out to the ground and just ashes.  Sto. Nino Basilica’s bell tower down, Laon Church turned dirt, Baglayon Church all rubble. 

I have bizarre ideas (suggestions only!) that can help and might work to speed up restoration and help rebuild Bohol and Cebu again. When everything settles down and tremors die down here’s what we can do for Cebu and Bohol (choose all or any of the following)

  1. Visit Cebu and Bohol more tourist means more revenue for the City
  2. Each tourist gets to visit each of the ruins and help build like citizen volunteer work for a day. Kinda like the Habitat for Humanity volunteer work where one gets to help build houses this time we Help Build Churches.
  3. Each tourist gets to donate an amount or building materials for rebuilding the heritage sites.
  4. If you have been into these heritage sites before and took nice photographs of the structure and the artworks you can give a copy to NCCA so we can replicate the places
  5. For architects and engineer associations in the Philippines to volunteer and make the structural plan for these heritage sites.

If you have any other ideas that popped-in your mind do share and leave a comment here.   An idea can always be always translated to reality!

Help rebuild Bohol and Cebu!


UPDATE!  FInally someone took an initiative to rebuild homes in Bohol!

Habitat for Humanity Philippines will start rebuilding affected houses in Balilihan, Bohol today. Help us rebuild the homes of our fellows in Bohol by providing construction materials, such as roof, plywood, hollow blocks and cement and also equipment and tools like hatchet, hammer, saw, scraper, also power tools like electric drill, power saw, steel cut off saw, chain saw and more.

FOR PESO DONATIONS, deposit your contributions to Bank of Philippine Islands Current Account 2421-0014-24.
Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Philippines Foundation, Inc.

Please fax or email your deposit slip with your name, contact details, and project (e.g., Habitat Disaster response) to +632-856-53-89 or [email protected]

FOR DOLLAR DONATIONS, deposit your contributions to Bank of Philippine Islands US Dollar Account 2424-0111-45, with BPI Swift Code BOPIPHMMXX.
Account Name: Habitat for Humanity Philippines Foundation, Inc.
Branch Nam: G/F Bldg A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong.

Please fax or email your deposit slip with your name, contact details, and project (e.g., Habitat Disaster response) to +632-856-53-89 or [email protected]

You can also give through G-Cash! Just text DONATEAMOUNT(MPIN)HABITAT. Send to 2882.

And for in-kind donations, you may call Habitat for Humanity Philippines at 846-2177 and connect to Marketing and Communications Group.

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