Enough Of This Non-Sense Don’ts ?

Why does the sun goes on shining? Why does the sea rush to shore? Don’t they know?

If you sang the next few lines then you must be an oldie haha! But seriously, this is the mood some those holier than thou is trying to impose on everyone in the world wide web.

They impose that nobody in the internet is allowed to post selfies, food, or anything happy happening in their lives. Sez who? Sez them, those holier than though trying to impose what people can and cannot do in their own walls and space and time. Duh. Simply annoying.

no selfies and no food

Don’t they know those survivors and those who are volunteering don’t have time to bother and scrutinize each and every little post in the social network to care. They are busy coping and trying to move on. Seriously!

While I am one of those who mourn for all the loss, I am also one of those who is thankful that 1) I was not part of those who suffered Yolanda’s wrath ; 2) I have so many blessings and beautiful things coming my way and because of that I am able to share my blessings with the survivors and 3) I am thankful that the world was united by this tragedy. And that somewhere, somehow, someone tries to help in every little way they can even that little beggar boy who donated the 2 peso he got from begging.

Please don’t. Just don’t impose.

If you don’t feel like posting selfies, places you visit, your beautiful smile, the delicious food you had, then don’t.

It is not only during and after typhoon Yolanda that there are people in the world who are suffering and died of hunger and poverty.

It is already way too stressful for everyone, let us all move on with our lives. IF you don’t agree with the other people’s post on their walls or instagram them unfollow, don’t look, and shut your face (according to Two Broke Girls).

If you want to be a responsible social media user then go ahead be. There are people celebrating their birthday everyday. There are people getting married everyday. Thee are people getting promoted everyday. There are people who finally gets reunited with a long lost relative and friend. Be considerate

After all to be able to cope with sadness and depression one must be happy.

Don’t impose just don’t.

With that said I will post a #selfie, because selfie just made it as Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year 2013!

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