Met Allison Harvard of Americas Next Top Model All Stars and Now Mega Fashion Crew Host

Na na na na na na na na na na na….. wanna be on top?

One of my most favorite Americas Next Top Model All Stars contender was Allison Harvard, I like her big crazy eyes and her sweet and quiet demeanor. On ANTM when she was still competing she looks eccentric to me in a good way. Probably if not for the last part the final runway competition where the wind was he enemy she could have won.  I love her Underwater Pop Ledom song too and the video that goes with that, she reminded me of the Corps Bride in that vid, creepy but cute.


Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting her up close yesterday,thanks to my friends at L’Oreal Paris Philippines who invited me (AC and Dyan).  I had a small chat with her and hugged Allison’s super slender and kinda fragile physique.  She’s super sweet and bubly and friendly. A hugger she is I tell you.

with Allison Harvard

Allison and Earth

Allison Harvard and Earth Rullan

Allison said she likes lipstick more than eye makeup!

Americas Next Top Model and Earthlingorgeous

Why is she here? Allison Harvard is here in the Philippines to host the Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded where L’Oreal will be the makeup sponsor for the entire competition.  So you’ll see a lot of her on ETC but not much though on free tv as ETC moved RPN 9 to Channel 21 which has very very poor signal, bad move I think.   Solar decided to put the Solar News on RPN9 like the Philippines don’t get enough of news and public affairs from all other networks.

meet and greet allison harvard

I was also able to meet Michael Carandang the EP behind ANTM that brough Filipino talents into the show like Michael Cinco and everyone else. Haha. Excuse our sleepy look lol.

with Michael Carandang

Anyway, if you were not able to see Allison yesterday, you still have a chance to meet her on December 7, 2013 at SM North EDSA The Block!

VIP to meet allison harvard

You’ll get that VIP Pass by purchasing L’Oreal Products before the event starts and you can get a FREE makeover at the event too! I spotted some new lip glosses and eye shadows at the venue.
L'Oreal paris color collectionlatest L'Oreal Paris eyeshadow

Here’s the next meet and greet details on December 7:

If you can’t make it to the both meet and greet dates then just watch Mega Fashion Crew Reloaded on ETC, she will be the host with Suki Salvador.

We were given a glimpse of how the challengers and challenges work with a mini challenge to create a makeover for the audience with the Chic Parisian look as a peg and this team won


This is the girl they made over , a super huge difference from what she looked before! Amazing transformation. Great job to the Mega Crew 🙂


At the meet and greet line I saw this girl with an illustration board and her sketch of Allison. With a little more editing on the jaws it would look perfect, she got the eyes right. But really A for effort. Love it.


loreal paris x mega fashion crew  reloaded

My other beautiful pics with Allison was at the mercy of the photographer at the event I’m still waiting for him to email my pics if not awww too bad.

Anyway mark your calendars for the next meet and greet you can bring her presents if you like and sorry to say taking photos with her using your own camera is not allowed, you will have to be satisfied with the official photographers pics and wait for it to be printed or uploaded at L’Oreal Paris Philippines Facebook page or have someone at the audience take your pic while you are on stage .

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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