Six Times Six

This post was in my drafts folder since November but I saved it for tonight.  Just a month before my 6 times 6 years of existence.  Things are turning out good for me lately and I pray it stays that way.     With that I have six different things I want to achieve/do for myself:

  •  Color me blonde.My one color for the road and I’ll stick to a haircolor/hairstyle for my age. haha!
  •  See snow up close and personal even if they say its overrated I still need to experience it.
  •  Exercise daily!
  •  No internet day for a day every week.
  •  Go back in the dating game (I’m single and I’m ready to mingle) I’m out of the rut it’s time for this girl to have fun, safe, flirting time and hopefully maybe get a love life for real.(have romance back in my life).
  •  Aim for the 7-8 digits.

According to The Secret,  claim it.  So I claim it.  Right here, right now.  So help me God.

How about you, what is your personal resolution?  Have you made one yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!



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