Swatch Party: Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive Modern Chic Palette

I’m not a light traveller. I carry everything I think I need when I travel. There’s a bag for makeup, for skincare, for undergarments, for shoes, for gadgets, clothes (dresses, tops, bottoms, and sleepwear), for coupons and gift cards and everything else you can think of. It is not that obvious that I carrh a lot because my clothes and shoeses are very tiny it can fit in a 20kilo suitcase.

Anyway, skincare and makeup are the heaviest load I carry, so makeup kits with everything you need in there is such a blessing, just like this Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive Modern Chic Palette I grabbed in Macau last December 2013.

Estee Lauder Travrl Exclusive Modern Chic Face Palette

Product Shots

Estee Laider Travel Exclusive Modern Chic Palette Review

I’m loving the case

Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive makeup kit

What’s inside is more exciting. It has a small mirror, a blush brush and tweezer inside the pocket, 2 eyeshadow brush, a blusher, highlighter, lipstick, mascara,eyeliner, 4 eyeshadow shades!
Estee Lauder Modern Chic Face Palette review

Let the swatch party begin!

Estee Lauder Modern Chic Face Palette review
swatched estee lauder  modern chic face palette
Estee Lauder modern chic face palette travel set review
Estee Lauder Travel Exclusive swatches

On My Face


♡That this travel kit has almost everything I need except powder and foundation. Colors are good for a traveling working womn who wants simple classy look the palette can transfor your makeup from day to night.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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