Hair Makeover at Maldita Studio

One of the best hair makeover I had was with Maldita Studio last month. But it was also the longest time I spent in a salon ever because they did a super extensive hair treat for me as to show how good their services and hair stylist are, which is also one of the reasons their salon is now celebrating it’s 1st year anniversary.

Btw, for those wondering, Maldita Studio is the salon arm of Maldita Clothing. They have the biggest salon I have ever been located at Timog, Quezon City. It is so big that I recommend launch events or spa party to be held there, it is such a perfect venue.

beautiful and spacious maldita studio

Anyway, back to my hair makeover, it came at a perfect time because my roots was showing my super jet black hair and my previous hair color has turned rust red copper. It looks really bad.

hair makeover at maldita studio

What they did?

First Roots Retouch using Majirel hair coloring system by L’Oreal. At Maldita Studio roots retouch cost about Php1,700-Php2,000 depending on how long the regrowth is already (usually about 1 inch or more) .

coloring treat hair makeover at maldita studio

Then the full hair color treatment also using Majirel because thei chief hairstylist Jun want to neutralize the red copper tone of my old hair color. Full color using Majirel is about Php1,800 to Php2,800+ depending on the hair length.

hair regrowth recoloring at maldita studio

After we achieved the color we wanted, my favorite part of the makeover, getting highlights! This was my first time to get highlights so I was excited!

getting highlights at maldita studio

Check out this instavid I took while getting my highlights. Highlights cost about Php1,800 – Php2,800+ depending on hair lenght. For streaks high or low lights one streak is Php500 for 4streaks and more they charge Php375 each streak.

After the highlight, they also treated my hair so it won’t get dull and dry. They used the Gloss Color Treatment (Dialight). Thus treatment range from Php1,750 – Php2,900+ depending on hair length.

gloss treatment after hair coloring and highlights at maldita studio

This is what I look like when I left the salon, it didn’t really gave justice to how nice my hair turned out to be.

Maldita Studio team

But this is how my hair looks like 2 weeks after. The shade is ver cool and easy on the eyes unlike the reddish copper that looks so loud. I super love my highlights, they were very strategically placed so I can shift my bangs from left to right and the colors would peek out nicely.

a neutral soft blonde

Maldita Studio is located near Wensha Spa in Timog Quezon City coming from Scout area turn left, coming from Quezon Avenue turn right on the first corner street, you won’t miss it.

So, ready for a makeover? Book your appointment now and alot 4 hours if you want this kind of makeover I had. Like Maldita Studio on Facebook for updates.

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. I love your makeover Miss Earth! You look blooming! 🙂

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